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Facebook Ads Manager – What You Need to Know

In Facebook Ads Manager, you can set your ads to run immediately, continually, or for a set period of time. You can set start and end dates, and you can also bid for impressions and clicks. The bidding setting will determine how long your ads will appear and who will see them. Facebook will control the maximum amount you bid.

The app also allows you to manage your ads while you’re on the go. The mobile website and app also feature a roadmap, which can help you manage your campaigns. When you get used to the Facebook Ads Manager interface, you’ll find that clicking “Save audience” and “Save campaign tags” becomes second nature.

Facebook Ads Manager is free and easy to use. It gives you a comprehensive view of your ad campaigns and allows you to track ROI. It also has tools to create audience profiles, set a budget, and choose ad placements. It is possible to create multiple ad accounts for your business.

The dashboard in Facebook Ads Manager has four tabs. Each tab displays different information. You can view the performance of different ad sets and campaigns, as well as see the timeframe that they’ve been running for. To develop an ad strategy, you’ll need to gather metrics and data to see which ones are working the best.


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