4 Reasons You Should Choose Uncontested Divorce

According to a divorce lawyer Huntsville, one of the most common reasons to choose an uncontested divorce is to avoid the high-conflict divorce. The second reason someone might consider an uncontested divorce is that it can be much less expensive than a contested divorce. Third, if there are no children involved in the marriage, you will not need to deal with child custody and child support issues.

An uncontested divorce is an easier way to navigate the divorce process. If you have reached a point in your marriage where you are both comfortable with the idea of no longer being together, an uncontested divorce may be the best option for you. Suppose you can agree with your spouse on all major points of the divorce, including property division, child custody, and spousal or child support. In that case, a contested divorce may not be necessary.

Furthermore, here are 4 reasons you should choose uncontested divorce instead of a contested divorce.

  • Less expensive

If you are seeking an uncontested divorce, you may be able to save money by opting for a no-fault divorce. This type of divorce is where both spouses agree on the terms of the separation, and there are no children or property to divide up. Uncontested divorces are less expensive than contested divorces, where all assets are divided.

  • Less paperwork

An uncontested divorce means less paperwork, less stress, and a faster process. When a couple agrees on how to divide their assets and debts, they can go through an uncontested divorce which will save them a lot of time and money. The process for uncontested divorces is fairly simple. It can be done either in front of a court commissioner or by filing documents through the mail with the court.

  • Less conflict

Divorce is hard enough on the couple, but it can be especially difficult on children. When parents are able to come to an uncontested divorce agreement, then there might be less conflict in the courtroom and less tension for the children. This can lead to a more amicable divorce process with less need for legal counsel.

  • Quick process

Uncontested divorce is a process that can be completed much more quickly than a contested, litigated divorce. An uncontested divorce is the best option for couples who have already negotiated and agreed upon custody and property divisions and want to move forward with their lives. 

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