4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your WPT Global Account

WPT is a poker provider that emerged onto the scene in April 2022. It is currently accessible to more than fifty countries, supporting a sea of international players. One of the reasons the poker website is so popular is that it is the only site to offer NFT avatars.

NFT avatars are limited to one per player, and there are just under 10,000 to go around. The avatars can be found within the site’s Poker Hero’s Club section. In addition to the unique avatar options, WPT offers a welcome bonus to new players following their first deposit.

The bonus consists of a total of $1,200. Players can use different ways to make the most of their accounts. Read on to discover four ways users can make the most of their WPT global accounts to optimize their WPT poker tournament playing experience.

1. Utilize Your Welcome $1200 Bonus

While other poker sites offer welcome bonus packages, WPT offers one of the best, as it provides more starting cash than other poker sites, which offer around $600. With three months to use your bonus, you have more than enough time to maximize your earnings through the WPT poker tournament and other games.

2. Be Strategic About Your Approach

To earn your $1200 bonus, you need to be strategic about how you’ll play your WPT poker tournament during the 90 days. Rest assured, however, that you can still use what you make, even if you don’t clear your total bonus. With WPT Global, you can use the cleared money without restriction and only need to forfeit the remainder of your bonus.

To make the most of your bonus, play as much as you can. Your games will have you play small rakes, so it will take more time to clear your bonus. The more you play, the sooner you can clear it.

3. Track Your Extra $5 Earnings

Another unique attribute of WPT Global is that for each $20 you rake in, you’ll receive a $5 bonus that will be credited to your account. With this in motion, you achieve 25% back in cash as you clear your bonus through your WPT poker tournament plays. The return rate is much higher than it is for other providers, which may fall on the lower side of 20-28%.

4. Use Special Offers On WPT Poker Tournaments

Make the most of your account by including special offers in cash games and poker tournaments. WPT special offers include ‘100 Hands To Vegas,” ‘Invite A Friend,’ and ‘Free $55 Entry.’ Pay attention to the dates and take advantage while these offers last. Most of the terms to get the perks of these offers are straightforward, giving you more opportunities to make the most of your account.

Maximize Your WPT Account 

Maximize your account by using strategies to boost your play and chances to win. Pay attention to the terms and conditions to get in on these offers and improve your WPT poker tournament outcomes with these account perks.