5 job opportunities for Master’s in Applied Statistics graduates

The job market is constantly changing, as are the types of jobs available. New career opportunities arise with new technology and new ways of thinking, which is especially true for those who work in data-driven fields like marketing, business analysis, data science and more. Pursuing further education offers a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in statistics.

If you’re looking to work as a statistician after finishing your bachelor’s degree, continuing with a Master’s in Applied Statistics program might make sense. An online program offered by a provider such as Michigan Tech University will prepare you for a high-demand, high-paying position in the statistics and data science field.

Let’s explore five jobs you can have with this degree.

1. Data scientist

A data scientist’s job is to understand data and identify patterns and relationships. Then, they use this information for strategic decision-making. As a result, data scientists are well versed in various data analysis and statistical techniques. They use different tools and software for data processing, visualization and modeling. A data scientist may work in any industry but is more often found in sectors that deal with a lot of data. Some of those industries include healthcare, finance and education.

2. Business analyst

A business analyst collects and analyzes data related to business operations. They generate reporting helpful to managers in strategic decision-making. Depending on the industry, a business analyst may conduct feasibility studies and recommend product improvement strategies. Moreover, they analyze data to identify business trends, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

3. Marketing data analyst

Analysts use data to inform marketing strategies, forecast sales and conduct competitive analysis. They collect data from various sources, organize it and prepare reporting using different statistical software. For instance, they could review and prepare reporting on inbound marketing. A marketing data analyst may work in multiple industries, but they’re often found in marketing departments of companies whose primary focus is selling products or services.

4. Statistician and research assistant

A statistician performs various data analyses and statistical tests to investigate data and draw conclusions from it. Depending on the industry, a statistician may specialize in a particular field of statistics. For instance, they could focus on mathematical, biological or social statistics. A research assistant is a member of a larger research team and assists in all stages of the research process by collecting and analyzing data and writing reports.

5. Video game tester

Believe it or not, a video game tester may work in many industries, but they’re primarily found in the gaming and technology industries. They play video games, record any technical errors or bugs and provide overall gameplay feedback to the game developers. Depending on the project, a video game tester may use statistical software to collect data and generate reports.

A degree for an exciting career

Armed with the in-demand skills and knowledge that a Master’s in Applied Statistics bestows upon you, graduates will be able to pursue creative and exciting career opportunities. Whether your interests lie in data science, marketing or even video games, there are plenty of job opportunities available with your background in applied statistics.