5 PDF hacks you should know

One of the most recurrent formats is PDF. It has plenty of benefits. It is consolidated, protected, and effortless to create. Online tools help you to merge several documents fast. However, there are many more options. Aside from changing the order of pages and compressing the size, users can modify their PDFs in countless ways.

If you work with the format regularly, you do not need any third party to help you with the PDF. For instance, with PDFSimpli, you will combine PDF files in a flash, even thousands of pages. You can use this website to even edit PDF online.  Here is an overview of the best tips and tricks.

No More Limits on Size

You can merge as many documents as you need to the extent that it is unlimited. You can easily join thousands of pages together quickly. You cannot achieve this with simple tools. Thanks to an online compiler, precision is now guaranteed. Not just words or pages of writing, you can include hyperlinks, Mp3s, important bookmarks, and many more.

Easy to gather responses and surveys

In many PDf files, you can easily put up surveys and responses. Since it is a compact-sized document that is easy to port, you can use this file as a form. The form that you will create will have its different criteria, be it numbers, multiple-choice, dates, etc. You can even share the file with a lot of people and get a quick response.

Combine several files

You can easily merge more than two PDF files, PDF files can combine another PDF file in any report. You just need to place them properly and border-wise so that after compiling or merging the files you get the desired result. Having one PDF rather than finding different pdf to jpg files is better.

Editing files

You can edit PDF easily and write all the important information that you want to share. It happens many times when you need to edit a PDF but you cannot. But now, you can easily edit PDF and send the correct information rather than typing the whole file again in the Word document and again converting the document into PDF. This helps to make the process simple and faster. Hence, if any important information is left to add, you can just edit the PDF file.

Search information

You can easily search for information in the PDf files. Amongst them, you need to search for a particular part. In PDF you can easily skip all the information and search for the part that you are desperately looking for. You just need to type in the search button or on the content page and you will be directed to the page. Using PDf files makes it easier to search for information.


Earlier people had to send information or documents in the form of Word files. It was risky and not very safe, but with the introduction of PDF files, it has become much easier. You can easily secure a PDF file with just one password and it can be only opened by those who know it. Hence, using PDF files has made life easier.

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