5 Reasons you should use Full Spectrum LED grow Lights

Some plants require a variety of light levels and full-spectrum LED grow lights are ideal for them. The light reaches all parts of the plant. This eliminates any need for specialized light bulbs. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are also much less expensive. Here are eight reasons why you should use full spectrum LED grow lights:

1. These lights are suitable for all stages of growth.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are the best option for all stages of growth. When you use full-spectrum LEDs, you give your plants everything they need. So, it will make them healthier and more productive. You can see the reflection of it in every stage of their life cycle:

  • Growth and budding

 Full-spectrum LEDs are great for all stages of vegetative growth. This is the period when your plant is growing leaves. They are also suitable for the budding stage. This is the stage where the process by which buds form takes place.

  • Flowering

In this stage, the goal is to make beautiful flowers bloom! Full spectrum LED grows lights help achieve that goal. It provides the correct light wavelengths to support vibrant blooms and big yields.

  • Rooting 

Your seedlings will start to root if they’re under full spectrum grow lights. Red light is essential for healthy root development. It helps suppress stem elongation while promoting leaf formation at lower temperatures.

2. Those lights make it easier to control temperature.

In addition to the brightness and clarity of light, full-spectrum grow LED lights have several other benefits; It eliminates the need for a cooling system. 

Grow lights generate more heat, and the more powerful they are. Without a cooling system installed in your grow room, you could end up with an overheated space, Which can be dangerous for plants and humans. 

Full-spectrum LED grow lights are very efficient. They produce much less heat than other types of grow lamps. But that is still plenty of light energy to help your plants thrive.

3. They have superior optics with higher PAR value. 

You need a metric for measuring the light your plants are getting. You can only get a relative view without using a metric. That will not help in getting better yield, because you won’t know what to do. 

The solution to this is to use PAR. Here’s some information about it:

  • PAR stands for photosynthetic active radiation. 
  • You can think of it as a measure of how much usable light is produced by a grow light. 
  • PAR is measured in micromoles per square meter per second (µmol/m2/s). 

As you can imagine, many different lights on the market are designed with different purposes and technologies in mind. Some lights may be better at certain tasks than others. For example, some indoor gardeners prefer using metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. They produce more heat than other types of bulbs like LEDS or fluorescent tubes. But full-spectrum lights are very suitable for most kind of needs.

4. Those come with quality lighting at an affordable price range.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you’re willing to spend on your grow lights. Full Spectrum LED grow lights will keep your plants happy and healthy. It will save your money in the long run! Here’s how: 

  • They are more efficient than other types of grow lights. So, they cost less in terms of electricity. 
  • They provide better yields per watt than any other type of lighting. 
  • They last longer than traditional HID lamps. 
  • They won’t need replacing as often as fluorescent or HPS lamps.
  • Over time Full Spectrum LEDs will save growers thousands upon thousands of dollars!

5. They are the best option for the highest growth and maximum yield.

Full spectrum LED grow lights are the most efficient, effective, and best option for growth and yield. They simply outperform HPS, MH, and CFL in every way.

Here are some examples:

  • Full spectrum LED grow lights use 90% less energy than HPS.
  • Full spectrum LED grow lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours compared to only 10-20,000 hours for HPS.
  • Full spectrum LED grow lights produce more yield per watt with their full spectrum light source
  • Full spectrum LED grow lights have the ability to penetrate deeper into plants than HPS. 
  • Full spectrum LED grow lights are available in a variety of different wavelengths and intensities.


Full spectrum LED grow lights are perfect for indoor gardening. They offer a wide range of light that is perfect for different types of plants. They are also energy efficient. You can save on your energy bill by starting to use full-spectrum LED grow lights.

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