5 Simple Tips To Raise Your Status As A Man

In a society where the importance of status is paramount, it is essential to take every step to improve your standing. You may be trying to impress prospective employers, draw attention to members of the opposite gender or just boost confidence in yourself there are a lot of options to make yourself more attractive.

Embrace your status with a statement dress

Dressing properly doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. Only the wealthy and famous would have an image of status in this scenario. The issue is wearing clothes that meet certain norms like wearing black plaid ties with casual attire. Clothing is associated with positive feelings and emotions. This is why:

  • Fitting the body (know your body’s type)
  • You’re looking your best on formal and casual occasions
  • The right accessories to choose 
  • Wearing clothes appropriate for your age with bow tie pins, etc.

Try Power Posing to Gain Status

There’s an interview scheduled for today and you’re in the lobby of your office. Your resume is impressive and you’re aware of exactly what you’ll say…but this is where you’re sitting:

  • Your head is facing the floor.
  • You are folding your arms
  • Legs are joined

It’s better to consider adding ” power poses” before an interview, or during the process of preparing for an upcoming presentation.

The most important thing is that you’re engaging your body by doing these poses…which helps to strengthen the mind.

Sit Down In The Correct Way To Show Your Status

We may not always be aware that how you sit can be a significant non-verbal signal. People quickly judge others because of their seating.

As opposed to standing, your legs have more choices to place themselves. It is possible to keep them in a straight line without any space between…but this is like folding your arms “closed” style of folding the arms. 

What you’re trying to accomplish is one of the following:

  1. You should sit with your feet flat on the ground and legs spread 11-24 inches (with your body straight)
  2. Utilize the Figure-Four leg lock position

The positions are not only easier to take…but they let you exhibit a more open and relaxed attitude. They increase the level of confidence. You experience a sense of power flowing from your body to your mind.

And these poses indicate that you’re paying attention to someone who is speaking – which can be helpful when you’re at networking or meeting events.

Learn to master good handshakes and eye contact

We’re taught to greet those we’ve just had a conversation with, and to glance them in the eyes in conversations…and these practices are a part of our daily routine. But there’s a problem is that we’re not taught what to do and what amount.

There’s a kind of scale that goes from “not sufficient” to “too too” for both methods. To show confidence and integrity, you’ll need to find the middle. Otherwise…it’ll harm your credibility if people think you’re not trustworthy as soon as they meet you.

Communicate effectively to increase status

It’s about knowing your audience and providing them with ideas they can connect with so that they are able to feel certain about your speech at the close. The audience is left feeling motivated and enlightened or more content. 

And when you can make people feel happy through talking…your standing increases. The key is to become good at storytelling. A good storyteller has the ability to connect with their audience and keep them all hearing.