5 Things to Expect From a Good Lawyer

Going through a lawsuit can be a harrowing, frightening, and confusing experience. A great lawyer can help you navigate your case and bolster your side of the story. There are countless lawyers to choose from, but don’t pay much attention to the hype in commercials. It’s best to look for the chief characteristics that proficient lawyers possess to ensure you have someone reliable handling your case. Here are five things you should expect from your lawyer.

Consistent Communication

Having an attorney who understands the importance of consistent communication is vital. It’s fundamental for a pleasant attorney-client relationship. A good lawyer is up-front about the legal proceedings of your case. They should keep you up-to-date with any changes that occur, lay down your available options and their repercussions, and answer all your legal questions. In fact, in certain states, the law requires lawyers to consult clients and get their consent before taking actions like accepting settlements. While they may not always respond immediately, given that they have other cases to handle, your lawyer should provide you with a time frame during which they’ll be available.


The general ethical laws that lawyers should abide by include:

  • Staying within the bounds of the laws
  • Placing client needs before their own
  • Sustaining attorney-client privilege
  • Loyal representation of client needs

Failure to adhere to these laws results in disciplinary actions such as suspending their law license, paying fines, disbarment and reimbursing stolen items.

Practice Area Expertise

It is crucial to check out potential lawyers’ websites to identify their areas of expertise before investing in their services. This will assure you that they’re used to handling cases similar to yours and will likely provide satisfactory service. Ask them about their success rates in similar cases, years of practice, and attorney fees, advises Robert McKinley Attorney, a prominent attorney who has held a number of prestigious leadership roles. He has extensive expertise in intellectual property, litigation, and corporate law and has practiced in New Jersey and Philadelphia and has served as local counsel. Throughout his career, he’s managed assets for over 150 clients. His department was voted Best IP Law Firm for two years in a row by South Jersey Biz. He has 25 years of patent, trademark, and commercial litigation experience.


Lawyer competency is essential in legal representation. If they can’t represent you efficiently due to the complexity of your case, then they ought to refer you to someone knowledgeable in that area. Your lawyer may make mistakes, since it is not always a 100% guarantee that their services will be perfect. An incompetent lawyer may make mistakes that could harm you or cost you money, so you should promptly drop them and get a more capable one. There are competent lawyers like Brad Kern out there, so you shouldn’t give up yet.

Good Judgment

Lack of good judgment is a quick way for a lawyer to fail in the field. They are essentially responsible for providing their clients with guidance in settlement negotiations. Hence, they should have good judgment that will enable them to make analytical decisions and note any weak points in the opposition’s arguments. This will help you secure a favorable plea bargain or boost your chances of winning. In addition to that, good judgment helps them identify and advise you if legal claims are worth pursuing or not, thus saving you time and money.

If you keep the above characteristics in mind when looking for a lawyer, rest assured you will find an excellent one. Their specialized skills will reassure you during your trial because having the best person on the job will increase your chances of success.