A Guide for Buying Camping Tents

It seems you are yearning to spend time camping outdoors. That’s great! Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, explore adventurous spots, and enjoy getting away for a couple of days, even when you are on a shoestring budget. Camping is exhilarating and inexpensive if you have the vital gear and accessories, for example, the right type of camping tent.

Tents are essential gear for a camper. Whether you are going for a month-long trek into the mountains or just have decided to partake in a backyard camp out for one night, they provide you with a safe, warm place to sleep and protection from the elements like rain and storm. However, buying a camping tent is no cakewalk. So, before you splurge at buying a tent that first appeals to you, answer the following fundamental questions. Doing this will help you determine which tent is best for you and save you a lot of time and money besides providing you with an excellent camping experience.

What type of camping are you planning?

Generally, camping is categorized into two main types: car camping and backcountry camping.

Car camping means sleeping in a tent while keeping all your gears in a car nearby. It is usually done at established campsites with bathroom facilities and water availability. In contrast, you hike several miles into the wilderness in backcountry camping with all your gear strapped to your back. Hence, tent size and weight are not an issue; you can even buy a giant tent for future use. But if you are planning for backcountry camping, look for a lightweight tent and a maximum of one person bigger than you need.

How many people will stay in your tent? And for what purposes?

Next, you would need to decide on the number of people going camping with you and for what purpose. Are you just going to sleep in it? Do you need extra space for storing personal items, pets, and accommodating friends who will be joining you later? These things are essential to consider when buying a camping tent because they determine the comfort everyone in the tent will have. In addition to this, also take note of the sleeping habits of you and your tent companions.

What type of camper are you?

How often do you go camping? Try to be honest! If you are an elite outdoor enthusiast spending a few extra bucks on a high-end brand may be worth it. However, if you are an occasional camper, you can choose a generic brand tent designed for the occasional weekend warrior. A huge variety of camping tents is available that fit best into every budget. Hence, depending on how frequently you are going to use it, you can make a selection.

Which season are you likely to plan camping?

Most people go camping in warmer months of summer, spring and fall; of course, you would too! There are three types of tent 2-season, 3-season, and 4-season tents. The primary differences between them are the material used, whether the tent has a single or double-wall, and the ventilation system. Most campers choose either 2-season or 3-season tents because a 4-season tent is recommended if you are planning to do mountaineering or serious winter camping.

Besides these things, you should also consider additional features like vestibules, doors, tent poles, pockets, organization, and various accessories of tents like footprints and rainfly, etc. Lastly, remember that you don’t need to buy a high-priced, luxurious tent to enjoy a fun-filled experience. Just make sure the one you choose suits your style, size, and budget.

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