A Wide Right Turn Accident: Can A Truck Driver Be Held Liable?

Have you ever observed how many big commercial vehicles have a tiny sign that says, “Caution, This Vehicle Makes Wide Right Turns” on the rear of the trailer? If that is the case, you might also wonder who is in charge of a mishap resulting from that broad right turn. When is the trucker in charge? Who else, if not the truck driver? A free consultation with an attorney can help you with how to go about your claim.

Why do trucks turn right wide?

Due to their big dimensions, trucks turn right in broad circles. The majority of industrial vehicles pulling trailers are longer than 70 feet. That is a large vehicle to reverse in a constrained area. Because we travel on the right in the United States, our left-hand turns must first span the opposing road, so they must be wide. With the right maneuvers, this is not the situation. While turning distances for passenger cars are usually quite small, a 73-foot semi-truck requires more room to make a right turn.

Wide-right move mishap types

Several scenarios exist where a vehicle making a right turn may be engaged in an accident, including:

  • Right turn on a two-lane road – The truck may swerve into the path of approaching traffic when making a right turn on a two-lane road.
  • Turning right onto a multi-lane highway To make a right turn, a vehicle driver might veer into the space next to them.
  • Another driver is trying to cram into the lane next to a turning truck – When a truck is about to make a broad right turn, other drivers may attempt to cram into the lane next to it. 
  • Rollovers: If a vehicle is being driven too quickly or at an acute angle during a right turn, it may topple over due to its greater center of gravity.

Who is liable for an accident caused by a wide right turn?

A wide-right turn crash is frequently the fault of the truck driver engaged. However, it is not always the same. Examples of careless conduct for which a vehicle driver may be held accountable include:

  • driving too quickly
  • not using the approach indicator
  • not checking for weak areas
  • driving while inattentive
  • driving while impaired by drink, drugs, or some medicines
  • breaking driving laws or warnings

Victims of wide-right-turn accidents should receive compensation.

If you suffered injuries in a wide-right turn collision with a tractor-trailer, you might be entitled to financial recompense for your suffering. It might rely on whether you were somehow involved in the mishap. As long as they are not entirely to blame for the mishap, accident plaintiffs in Georgia are entitled to compensation.

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