Ananta Jalil’s Support For Din The Day Movie

Despite the recent controversy involving the production of the Bangladeshi film ‘Din-The-Day’, the actor has given his support to the project. This movie is a joint Iranian-Bangladeshi production, directed by Morteza Atashzamzam. It stars Ananta Jalil and Afiea Nusrat Barsha in lead roles. While the film has a Tk100 crore budget, the majority of the funding came from a producer in Iran. Iranian government resources were also extensively used in this project .

While the film’s Bangladeshi theme is distinct, it will appeal to an international audience. It was shot in four countries, including Bangladesh. The actor’s personal involvement in the action sequences, location management, and script is a source of great pride for him. As a result, Din-The-Day has the potential to inspire future Bangladeshi movies and attract a wide audience. If this film is well received, it could inspire many other Bangladeshi filmmakers to make movies of similar quality .

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