Are you using the correct spill kit?

 If your company is dealing with oils or any other substances that may pose a risk to people or the environment when leaked, you will benefit from investing in spill kits.

What are spill kits?

Spill kits contain a selection of absorbent materials that will quickly and effectively deal with different kinds of spills in your business. They will usually come in a clip-on bin or zip bag for better storage. You can find different kinds and sizes of spill kits to best meet the needs of your business.

Types of spill kits

There are a few types of spill kits you can use for your business. Before buying one make sure you select one that’s designed for your business’s particular requirements.

Oil spill kit – in this kit you will find white pads and socks stored in a bag, plastic drum or wheelie bin. The absorbent materials are designed to handle different types of oil like hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricants, fuels and other hydrocarbons.

Industrial spill kits for oil are perfect for use outside or when oil is contaminated with water. The white pads and socks absorb the oil but repel water. The pads and socks change colour when absorbing oil so it is easy to see when they have been fully used and need to be replaced. They are perfect to clean oil from ponds, streams, water tanks and pools without becoming soggy from the water.

AdBlue spill kit – comes in a blue clip-close bin or zip bag for easy storage. It contains GP socks, GP double weight pads and disposable bags and ties. It can deal with diesel exhaust fluid spills.

AdBlue is a harmful substance that can do a lot of damage to the environment which is why, if you are using it, you need a specific spill kit in case of accidents. This spill kit can be used in outdoor storage areas. The AdBlue substance is not only dangerous for the environment but when spilled it crystallises upon drying and can create slip and fall accidents.

EVO universal spill kit – has grey pads and socks contained in a zip bag or a clip-close bin. They have higher absorbency than other spill kits. Because of their better water retention, they can prevent secondary contamination when used after a spill.

This kit can be used for non-hazardous substances and it can absorb water, coolants, drinks, paint and other liquids. It can also be used for oil when the oil is not contaminated with water.

Spill kit sizes

You can find a range of sizes on the market. EVO universal spill kits can range from 20 litres to 240 litres. AdBlue ones can be from 25 to  240 litres, to name a couple of examples.

It can be a good idea to buy several smaller kits and locate them around your business so they are easier to reach in an emergency; if you buy one big one the spill may have increased exponentially by the time someone gets to the kit and returns with it.

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