Avoid these mistakes after a car accident in Kent

No matter how safely you drive, nothing can prepare you for an on-road accident. Regrettably, auto accidents are common on the roads of Washington. Following a mishap, you must take appropriate steps so that you can seek compensation for your injuries, especially if the other driver was responsible for the accident. Because the impact is such accidents is so devastating, people often make mistakes that affect their ability to make a claim later. If you were injured in Kent in a freak road accident, avoid the mistakes listed below. 

Fleeing the scene 

If you believe that you can just leave the accident scene, you are mistaken. As per the state laws, you are required to inform law enforcement if the accident caused considerable property damage or death/injury to any person. It is in your best interest that you wait at the site and cooperate with the investigating officer. If someone is injured, call 911 for emergency medical care. You don’t want to deal with unwanted consequences later. 

Not seeking medical attention

Accidents on the road often cause serious injuries. You may not feel as much pain immediately because of the adrenaline rush, but you need to check with an injury doctor later. If required, ask for emergency treatment, but don’t ignore any discomfort or pain. If your file a claim with the insurance company, they may discourage you from seeking medical care – do not listen to anyone and focus on your recovery. 

Not hiring a lawyer

While not legally necessary, hiring an attorney after a car accident is among the best steps you can take. Insurance companies are never going to play fair, and the claims adjuster will pressure you to take their offer. Regardless of what people tell you, consult an attorney if your claim is expected to be worth $10,000 or more. You should also lawyer up when you share the blame for the crash or have suffered serious injuries. Most car accident lawyers offer free consultations. 

Sharing details on social media

People often get overzealous and share details of such accidents. Keep things private unless you get a settlement for your claim. Also, don’t share any details with others. Even if you are partly responsible for the accident, you have the right to seek a settlement as per Washington laws, but anything you do can go against you.

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