Become a career counsellor in India with these simple steps

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process where a counsellor understands a client’s interest, ability, passion, values, background and skills through assessments and one-to-one personal sessions. Online Career Counselling in India suggests career options and job opportunities based on the industry scope and trends. The counsellors help the students, graduates, and working professionals interpret their strengths and weaknesses and help them climb the career ladder without hassle, fear or confusion. 

Why do we need career counselling?

Picking a career is one of the stiff work, and one needs to think twice before making life-changing career decisions. If someone is perplexed about: what to do next, which stream to choose, which job to apply for, or which field to switch to, then career counselling helps such persons by giving a broad explanation of the availability of numerous courses and assisting them in opting the best for themselves, based on their ability, interests and skills. It also aids the employees who need to change their field and career.

Who is a career counsellor?

A career counsellor is a trained person who provides career guidance to those who have no clue what to do next in their career scale. A career counsellor is a professional who grasps the client’s wants and helps them achieve their long-time goals or passion. They have a broad knowledge of various careers available, the job opportunities and the required skills for such posts. Career counsellors match the feasible professions with the client’s education, knowledge, skills and interests and show them the right way. They also give tips to enhance your skills to land your dream job.  

Who can become a career counsellor?

Anyone can become a career counsellor by doing the appropriate degree. But an Ideal career counsellor would possess personalities such as kindness, generosity, cooperation, patience, tact, care, helping tendency, empathy and friendliness. If a person can relate himself/herself to these, then they can become a successful career counsellor. Career counselling free online suggests you take a test to find if you are an apt fit to be a career counsellor. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Skills required to become a career counsellor

There are a lot of career counsellors and what makes you stand out is the set of skills you possess. These are some of the most needed skills for a career counsellor to excel in his/her profession.

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Non-judgemental approach
  • Attending and active listening skills
  • Professional boundary skills
  • Resilience, patience and empathy

Types of career counsellors

There are many divisions in the career counselling domain. They are,

  • School career counsellors
  • College career counsellors
  • Placement cell career counsellor
  • HR sector career counsellors
  • Industry-specific career counsellors
  • Independent career counsellors
  • Graduates and working professional career counsellors (Career advisors)
  • Career development practitioners

How to become a professional career counsellor?

Career counselling free online narrates the following simple steps to become a successful career counsellor in India. 

  • Get well-versed with the basics- Career counsellors need to be fluent in the essentials of psychology. They should understand psychometric theories and psychometric assessments, human psychology, and applied career counselling, and must have knowledge of massive career options, job opportunities and their scope. Also, they should be capable of handling objections and diverse thoughts. 
  • Get certified- A career counsellor needs to get a certificate from a recognised university or institute for validation. With that comes trust and credibility. Being a certified counsellor helps you stand out from competitors and increases your reliability and accessibility.
  • Get practical training- Counsellors need a hands-on approach to the subject. A person never learns anything fully without practical knowledge. Hence career counsellors must get support from someone initially when dealing with clients or join some practising counsellors for their assistance and learning. While practising, one can learn vital skills and improve their confidence and the way of approach.
  • Build your network- Career counsellors must build a network to find their target audience. Only when they know who their target audiences are can they create products for them based on their needs. A career counsellor will be easily reachable with a strong network. They can also conduct webinars and offline workshops on career counselling related topics with the power of their network. 
  • Stay updated- It is significant for a career counsellor to stay updated with the latest trends. They should be well aware of the educational news, educational policies, numerous courses, their scope, job opportunities and their following threats and risks. They should also get up-to-date with career counselling practices, advancements, and emerging new career options.

A day in a career counsellor’s life

A career counsellor’s day will be a mixture of different emotions and feelings. Let us take a look at it. 

  • A career counsellor meets and interacts with a client
  • Conduct and analyses assessments and psychometric tests
  • Get to know the wants and the needs of the client
  • Make ready the assessment reports
  • Talk with the client’s parents if the client is a school or college student
  • Filter the options based on a client’s interests, ability, skills and education
  • Research on the availability of plenty of careers, their scope and the jobs
  • Get updates on educational fairs, news 
  • Help the client build their resume, portfolio
  • Assist the client in his abroad dream
  • Support the clients in enhancing their skills, and ace their interviews

Where do career counsellors get employed?

Career counsellors can start their independent venture or join as counsellors in schools, colleges, NGOs, companies, educational consultancies, etc. Career counselling free online provides a wide range of job opportunities for career counsellors to excel in their profession.

Wrap out

If one is passionate about becoming a career counsellor, the steps discussed in this blog in a detailed manner will help. Enrol on a Online Career Counselling in Bangalore programme to get more insight into career counselling.

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