Benefits of Using an ATS

Using an ATS is just as beneficial as your current business intelligence tools. So if you want to try and convince your management team or CEO to invest in one, you can find all the benefits here to present to them.

#1 Publish Across Multiple Job Boards

With only a few clicks, you can advertise the job to post to major job boards like Google Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn Limited Postings, and more. You can also post it to social media sites and even your job board at the company.

#2 Candidates Can Easily Apply For Jobs Fast

With an ATS for staffing companies having easy-to-use software makes it simpler for candidates to respond fast as the markets are so competitive. It helps to have an ATS in place to provide you with appealing, qualified candidates.

#3 The System Manages Everything For You

You need not manage different email folders or spreadsheets to find suitable candidates for the advertised position. The application tracking system does everything for you. Hence, you can customize your workflow to match current processes. Thus, the system identifies your best candidates without wasting time to see who fits the position.

The automatic scoring system can do this with pre-screener questions to knock out your qualified candidates and prioritize the best ones. You can then review the interviewer’s feedback focusing on high-priority candidates to make them an offer.

#4 The ATS Automates Routine Tasks

All your routine tasks are taken care of using the ATS, from sending notifications to your candidates and gathering feedback. It rates candidates, and everything is automatically done, providing you with the highest-valued candidate throughout the process.

Furthermore, it keeps your management up-to-date with candidate channels for different jobs on different job boards. You can capture and track data and report your EEO data while following EEO/OFCCp guidelines.

The application tracking system helps streamline the process once candidates accept your offer, moving them through your onboarding process. You can use the system to complete paperwork, schedule meetings, set up different services, and more.

#5 It Acts Like a Virtual Assistant

New employees have secure access to the portal with a username and password. It allows new staff to observe relevant information or tasks assigned to them. In turn, it removes all the paperwork removed as you can assign paperwork like health plans, federal tax forms, training videos, employee handbooks, etc., for new employees to complete and sign online.

An ATS System Improved Communication

Not only does the application tracking system improve communication, but it helps reduce friction. You need not chase down your interviewers to schedule interviews or get feedback. Even candidates are notified, and it provides real-time status updates making management easy.