Best Digital Currency – KuCoin

Kucoin is one of the top cryptocurrency platforms trusted by millions of users worldwide to help investors and traders have safe, secure, and efficient trading, with a daily trading volume averaging over $1.5 Billion and daily users of over 18 million many experienced traders and investors highly recommend it. KuCoin provides the platform to trade over 600 coins which is quite a large quantity. We have shortlisted some of the best-performing coins that would earn you significant profits.


BTC is the leading digital currency, with a market capitalization of over $560 Billion. As writing now from its launch, the prices have skyrocketed, making thousands of people millionaires in no time. With that being said, experienced traders and investors should be more inclined to trade in it as beginners. Financial advisors do not recommend it as it is volatile and prone to high fluctuation.


ETH is the second-best digital currency, with over $240 Billion in market capitalization. Since its launch, its market value rose sharply, paying well to traders and investors alike. New traders and experienced ones, too, are advised to trade in Ethereum. It is a hot crypto coin that is actively traded in the market. KuCoin provides the platform for its trading. It is also the most used to buy digital assets like NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).


Solana or SOL is one of the most outperforming cryptos in 2022. It has become popular and one of the most actively traded digital coins, worth over $18 Billion. It is highly recommended to those in to play in the long term with prices rising sharply in recent times.


MANA is another in-demand digital currency. It is pretty different than others because it has a particular purpose. An investor uses it to buy digital assets. As we step into the era of Web 3.0, digital assets have become a reality and are famous. Rather than being called a coin is called a token, and MANA is the currency widely used by NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is a hot currency with an average volume traded of nearly $4 million and worth over $2 Billion while writing.


XRP is one of the leading digital coins that are actively traded on Kucoin, with a 24hrs trade volume of $39 million and a market capitalization of over $20 Billion. It is used for investing and trading purposes, but it is also used to transfer remittances and currency exchange. Over the recent years, it has become a hot favorite for daily traders and beginners investors.

Final Wordings

Kucoin’s best-performing digital currency could change over time, considering the market trends and other factors. Still, one that wouldn’t change is that the Kucoin’s efforts to make crypto trading viable for everyone with the community of digital currency increasing day by day Kucoin helps its users to make trading fun and lucrative at the same time, with the necessary information, updates over the listing and hassle-free transfers.