Bustling, parade to ask FDA to plant “Hemp” to extract CBD oil “PTT-PTG” interested in investing in products

Bustling, parade to ask the FDA to plant “Hemp,” extract CBD oil, “PTT-PTG” interested in investing in pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

On February 25, reporters reported that from the case that the Cabinet (Cabinet) has approved the draft ministerial regulations for permission and permission for production, import, export, distribution, or possession. The fifth category of narcotics is cannabis, only to push into a new economic crop of Thailand, Mr. Veerasit Sincharoenkul, Executive Director of Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited or STA, the manufacturer and distributor. Comprehensive natural rubber revealed that Sri Trang is doing its upstream business by planting para rubber and many economic crops. The latest company is applying for a license because of hemp cultivation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March. Along with preparing to divide 100-200 rai of land from the land in the hand of 45,000 rai across the country for a pilot plot for hemp cultivation.

“After receiving a license from the FDA, the company plans to bring 100-200 rai of land in the northern and northeastern zones. Which has a suitable climate for growing hemp. In the first phase, experts discussed and imported seeds from abroad. The timeline is expected to begin planting hemp by mid-2021. It will take four months for the plant to grow and harvest its produce, including hemp inflorescences and seeds. to continue selling to the CBD kaufen

extraction plant.

Mr. Weerasit added that Ingredients for inflorescences and hemp seeds when extracting CBD oil are Qualified as a substance that does not affect the brain. For use as an ingredient in certain products such as cosmetics, beverages, etc., it is said to continue to add a lot of added value. Therefore, it is an exciting cash crop. and tends to be in demand in the market

According to the research of Kasikorn Securities Company, the purchase price of CBD oil Calculated from the planting area of ​​1 rai, 25 kg of hemp seeds, and hemp flowers can be extracted to produce CBD oil. At the same time, there is a trend that there is a demand for it to be used as an ingredient in product production. Sri Trang sees it as an investment opportunity.

“We plan to expand the hemp business in two phases. The first phase is an upstream investment by cultivating and harvesting inflorescences and seeds for sale to CBD kaufen oil refineries. If there is a high demand The company is ready to expand the hemp plantation area to 1,000-2,000 rai immediately because the land is ready.”

Mr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Executive Vice President Downstream Petroleum Business Group Strategy Management, PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board of Innobic (Asia) Company Limited, said that PTT Group has the policy to promote bio-economy. Or bio-economy Therefore, it does not block the consideration of studying the possibility of investing in cannabis-related health businesses.

“Here, we see it as an investment in the production of medical products. may be used as raw materials for drug production, Or is it a food ingredient of the future? (Future food), which need to study in-depth in detail, such as sweeteners or protein enhancers.

By the PTT policy, we may not do it all by ourselves. But may consider cooperation with partners If setting up a factory, it must invest with partners. Because it has to plan to complete the supply chain to have enough raw materials to meet the demand,” Mr. Buranin said.

Previously, Mr. Rangsan Phuangprang, Executive Vice President of PTG Energy Public Company Limited or PTG, the service provider of PT gas stations, said that PTG Group has negotiated with partners who have applied for a license grow CBD kaufen. Brewed with the FDA, including cooperation with community enterprises It is expected that hemp products will be developed for distribution by the end of the second quarter of 2021 or at the beginning of the third quarter of the year via channels in the PT gas station chain, such as mini-marts, MAX Mart stores. Pun Thai Coffee, Coffee World, etc.,