Buy Studio in Dubai: Top Areas for Studio Apartments

A lot of cities – including Dubai – are experiencing huge population boons. Because of this, space is becoming more of a luxury, and it comes at a higher premium. As such, the number of people seeking studio apartments has increased. They remain a solid financial investment, they’re easier to maintain, and they are more affordable. If you are looking for a studio in Dubai, then read on to learn more.

MBR City

There are several developments in MBR City that house studios, including the Riviera Development, which has been built by Azizi Developments. MBR City, which has great transport links, is pretty close to the beach and the Meydan Racecourse, among other recreational pastimes. Depending on the development, you can find buildings with retail outlets, a swimming pool, a garden and a gym too.

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City is another area of Dubai which has several options when it comes to studio apartments. Two of the most popular of which are Creek Views and Aliyah. Again, Dubai Healthcare City has excellent transport links to Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai, Festival city and Meydan. Creek Views offers residents a swimming pool, recreational areas, a playground and a gym too. Aliyah, on the other hand, has a retail arcade and security in addition to all of the other amenities listed above.

Studio City

Studio City is home to several developments like the Mirage, which is home to hundreds of studio apartments. Studio City itself is an up-and-coming area. It is a hub for the cutting edge and home to a lot of companies within the entertainment and media industry. Centrally located to a number of great leisure and recreational activities. A great choice for young professionals.

Sports City

Sports City is located just outside of the city, but it is easily accessible via either of the two main highways. The Sports City – as the name suggests – is home to several sports stadiums, teams, and recreational activities. It is perfect for sports enthusiasts. It has more of a mix of people having villas and apartments available for families or single people. BAYT is a development within the Sports City that has a mix of studio apartments right up to two bedrooms.

Jebel Ali

There are several options in Jebel Ali, including Aura. Jebel Ali has great transport links; the Aura, in fact, is located on the metro line. It is twenty minutes away from downtown Dubai meaning that the commute would be easily doable. Depending on the development, you can find a studio apartment that offers access to a swimming pool, gym, gardens, parking and security.

The Bottom Line

You can find studio apartments all over Dubai; however, you should do your research to work out what you want from your studio apartment. Do the amenities offered matter to you? are transport links a priority for you? Perhaps you want to be near to the beach or downtown Dubai. Make sure that you keep all of this in mind when narrowing down your choices.