Buying Vape Juice: Here’s Your Before You Purchase Guide

Vaping is no longer an alien concept, but are misconceptions still related to the practice? The answer is in the affirmative. It is human nature to spread misinformation about the lesser known. Similarly, vaping is an age-old practice that came to the surface when researchers were looking for a healthy alternative to smoking. But individuals still consider it equally harmful as the effect of vaping is somewhat similar to smoking. Though traditional vapes contain nicotine, modern versions use vape juice that contains only organic products. However, a variety of vape juice is also dubbed as E-liquid. So, if you are a beginner at vaping, you might need some help choosing the right kind. The article will discuss the various types of vapejuice and what kind of user they are ideal for.

Different Types Of Vaping Juice

Vaping juice differs because of its content. Though typically, they all contain organic products, the ratio of the ingredients varies, and the effects differ accordingly. However, before shopping, you should be open-minded as pre-determining which vape juice to purchase might only end well sometimes. It happens as you may find yourself more sensitive or drawn toward a particular odor. So, let’s check out the kinds of vape juice you will find.

●  Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Vape Juice

As said earlier, the components of vape juice separate them; vegetable (VG) vape juice is the safest as they contain only organic products. It usually comes from coconuts, soybeans, and palm oils and is, therefore, full of nutrients. In addition, they are clear liquid, and the best part is they are odorless. Another plus about vegetable glycerin is that it has a naturally sweet flavor which doesn’t impart a robust fruity flavor. While vaping, individuals often feel uncomfortable because of the fruity smell that typically all vape juice has, which eventually ruins their vaping experience.

Moreover, manufacturers can add different flavors to the base as its taste is not overpowering. However, apart from zero odor and smooth flavor, it also offers better and bigger clouds – something that some users prefer. The advantages don’t end here. While vaping, several users complain that the smoke often hits their throats harshly, and surveys show that many have stopped vaping for the same reason. However, vape juice that contains vegetable glycerin does hit the throat but gently and soothingly. Furthermore, it doesn’t make users feel dehydrated quickly as it requires low temperature, which allows the user to continue vaping for as long as they want.


●     Propylene Glycol (PG) Vape Juice


Unlike vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol is not purely organic; therefore, one can find its application in cosmetics, medication, and other industrial products. It is the favorite base of most manufacturers as all flavors easily blend with it. It is usually thin and has a runny texture, allowing the liquid to burn faster as it drops in the wick atomizer quickly. Another advantage of its thinness is that the user can easily clean the tank of the e-cigarette. It is also an excellent carrier for nicotine (if you prefer nicotine in your vape juice). It also helps the user experience how vaping feels like in real life. Thus, you cannot expect a gentle hit on your throat; the impact will increase as you keep expanding the base. So, it can be a big hit at your next party!


Originally vapes were introduced as an alternative to smoking but were not necessarily a healthy option. So, traditional vape juice contains nicotine, which many prefer for its euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, nicotine is a chemical substance that harms humans as it is highly addictive. So, if you vape frequently and prefer a juice that contains nicotine, there will be a high chance that it will develop a habit. However, the side effects are harsh as nicotine increases heartbeat, sometimes at an abnormal rate. It may also increase blood pressure and lead to thinning of arteries. Therefore, we advise our readers to refrain from using nicotine vape juice. However, if you are trying to quit smoking, you can also choose to use vape juice that contains only 50% of nicotine.

  • Flavoring

Flavor plays a crucial role in vaping as it can make or ruin the user’s vaping experience. So, while choosing a flavor, one needs to be careful as some prefer fruity flavors, whereas others prefer flavors with a mintier base. The quality of the flavor is also essential, as flavors with chemical components can harm humans. Therefore, one should always use lab-tested food-grade flavors. However, if flavors make you uncomfortable, you can opt for unflavoured vape juice.

Is VG Vape Juice Better Than PG Vape Juice?

Vegetable glycerin vape juice and propylene glycol vape juice are similar in several ways. For example, they are both odorless and form the ideal base for flavors. They are also known as sugar alcohols and may create an intoxicating effect. However, Vegetable glycerin creates mild euphoric feelings, but you can increase the effect with propylene glycol. So, if you are a beginner, you can opt for vegetable glycerin. However, if you have built a tolerance for the effect, you can use pg vape juice.

Final Thoughts

The practice of vaping is increasing, and now there is an industry based on vaping equipment like vape juice, e-cigarettes, etc. Individuals prefer it more than cigarettes as they produce the same effect but cause minimum or no damage to humans. The components of the vape juice interact and bind with the endocannabinoid system and produce a nicotine-like effect. However, individuals should know that there are risks involved in vaping as well. Though it might not affect your heart rate or blood pressure, it may cause dehydration or a feeling of euphoria. However, you should consult a doctor immediately if you face any side effects after using vape juice. In addition, vape users should know that organic products can also lead to consequences. Many users say that they thought a product from a brand was unsuitable as it was of poor quality but later found that they are intolerant toward the organic compound. Therefore, one should always test if you are allergic to the compound before consuming it.

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