Can Meal Delivery Options Be Healthy? Find the Best Options in San Diego

Ah, there are so many things to love about San Diego—from the always mild and sunny weather to the salty ocean air from the Pacific’s location as San Diego’s practical backyard to famous locations like Balboa Park. And you can’t forget all the fresh seafood from its vantage point on the water!

With its gorgeous year-round weather and stunning scenery, another quality San Diego is known for is its residents’ desire to live an active and healthy lifestyle. You can find ample walking, biking, and hiking trails winding through pretty parks and around the water, and on the coastline you’ll find surfers passionate about their love for the ocean. For those who don’t consider surfing to be their thing, there is kayaking, swimming, sailing, snorkeling—and that’s just at the beach!

Living a healthy and active lifestyle has become infused into locals’ routine; and why shouldn’t it, with the idyllic weather and beautiful setting negating any reasons not to get outside and exercise? To complement their active lifestyles, San Diegans need healthy meal options that can fuel their zest for life.

Tacos and Pizza and Donuts, Oh My!

But . . . let’s be honest, while the San Diego food is to die for, many of its most famous options are not exactly healthy ones. There’s pizza, pasta, tacos, seafood (with a side of sourdough bread, thank you very much), burritos, sushi, burgers, and please, let’s not forget the donuts! Oh, and while mentioning desserts, there’s ice cream. And boba. And gelato, milkshakes, cheesecake, and churros. Your mouth is probably watering just thinking about all the deliciousness!

After all, one of the best parts of visiting a beautiful and vibrant city is trying the extensive food scene and saying, Who cares, I’m on vacation! But for those of you who live in San Diego year round and want to keep up your outdoor activities, you need to find healthy meal options that won’t send you straight to the nearest takeout menu or take too much time. It sounds like healthy meal delivery is perfect for you!

Why Should I Use a Meal Delivery Option?

Meal options are the best way to stick to your healthy eating goals and not break the bank, because ordering out every night can get super expensive. But you need meal options that are so delicious you won’t even feel tempted to order the amazing but decadent San Diego foods. 

You may not necessarily think of meal delivery kits as healthy. We’ve all seen the ads for subscription boxes that let you choose between pasta dishes, burgers, steaks, and not much else. And while it isn’t food groups that are unhealthy in and of itselves but rather the moderation you do or do not consume them in, eating such heavy meals every day starts to feel terrible pretty quickly. Even if this is your only experience with meal delivery boxes, you don’t need to worry because there’s a perfect San Diego healthy meal delivery option out there for you.

What Meal Delivery Option Should I Use in San Diego?

You don’t need extensive options in order to find healthy meal delivery in San Diego, because here are two perfect ones to set you on your hunt. Even still, you’ll have to make some tough choices between delectable nutritious meals!


Packed with the most delicious healthy recipes you’ve ever seen, Thistle is our favorite San Diego healthy meal delivery option. Local customers receive flexible delivery choices and times and fully customizable weeks of meals. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, juice, and sides options so it’s basically like completing a weekly grocery store run but only getting the exact right amount of the freshest ingredients for healthy meal recipes designed for your ideal caloric intake. Sign us up!

Use Postmates to Get Local Food Delivered 

Believe it or not, even though San Diego has many popular divulgent food favorites, it does have its share of healthy local restaurants. From smoothie and acai bowl places to salad bars to vegan cuisine, San Diego does have local healthy gems. By using a delivery app like Postmates or DoorDash (or possible restaurant delivery options) you can eat healthy this way. However, this option is more of an order-on-the-spot alternative, versus stocking up weekly with meals from a subscription service. 


You live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a vibrant outdoors scene and sunny year round temperatures. Lucky you! One of the best parts of living in San Diego is the healthy lifestyle supported by you and your fellow locals, but you need a healthy meal option to help you maintain your active routine. 

Meal delivery subscription boxes are the best way to stay committed to your healthy eating goals and properly fuel your workouts, because they’re quick to make and delicious to eat; and because the ingredients are already there in your fridge, there’s no temptation to skip the home cooking and order takeout instead.