Can You Pursue Compensation for Future Medical Expenses After a Car Accident in Philadelphia, PA?

Some car-accident-related injuries can be serious enough to require ongoing medical care even if you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI occurs when you have completed your treatment and your injury may not improve further.

A serious injury can require expensive medical care and treatment, which can put a financial burden on you and your loved ones. However, you can pursue compensation for medical expenses you may incur in the future through an accident claim. A reliable car accident lawyer Philadelphia, PA, can discuss different factors that must be considered when determining the value of such expenses. 

Future Medical Expenses You May Deal with Because of Your Accident Injuries

Following a claim settlement or verdict, you may not have fully recovered and still require ongoing medical care. Your lawyer can consult with your doctor to determine the kinds of procedures and treatments you may need to help you recover from your injury. Your injury claim can include future medical expenses such as hospital stays, diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, rehab, medical equipment, follow-up doctor’s visits, home modifications, physical therapy, and in-home caregiving services. 

To get due compensation for future medical care, your injury should be serious; however, it doesn’t need to be permanent. However, your recovery may be limited to “reasonably certain” expenses. Future medical expenses can’t be based on the likelihood or mere potential that you may need a certain treatment in the future. 

How to Determine the Value of Your Future Medical Care

Apart from the kinds of treatments you may need in the future, other factors must be considered to determine the worth of your future medical care. These factors include your age and life expectancy, extent and seriousness of your injury, overall health at the time you suffered the injury, treatment costs, and the recovery phase you have completed. Medical negligence lawyers brisbane can calculate such expenses by looking at the related costs to keep the quality of life you used to enjoy before the crash or considering the specific costs related to your injury.

How to Prove Future Medical Expenses

As a claimant, you must prove that you will reasonably incur future medical expenses. This requires the testimony of medical providers. These experts will need to say with a degree of certainty that you will need treatment or surgery in the future. Also, your treating physician can give insight into your injury, the treatments you have obtained, and how much ongoing medical care you will need in the future.