Car modifications that will void the warranty

You must be excited about the new car you bought. You will want your car to stand out more than ordinary, the first thing that comes to your mind is to get some modifications done. One would want to turn their car to a unique one by adding some extra accessories or a slight modification.

Cars have different price ranges in the same model. If your budget allows you to buy a basic version, worry not, you can enhance the features of your car by getting it modified and adding extra features so it stands near to the advanced model. However, no dealer would like you to make changes in the car’s primary setup.

Below is a list of motor modifications that could void your mechanical warranty.

1. Alloy Wheels

Most car brands are basic in offering good meaty tyres. As having broader and bigger tyres drops the mileage and economy of the car. The car owners are seen changing and upgrading their cars tyre to a more robust and well gripped one that runs faster on road.​​ There are plenty of options available in the market, from which the owners replace the original tyres. It’s unfortunate that replacing wheels voids the warranty as they put more pressure on the suspension.

2. Electrical Modifications

There are a plethora of options available in the market for electrical modification. From horns, LED lights, speakers and more. Adding of these additional accessories uses more power sources, which leads to tampering of the stock wiring harness. These add-ons put heavy strain on the alternator and the battery. Thus, no insurer provides warranty if any additional electrical modifications are made to the car.

3. Remap The Engine

Everybody likes speed, and wants their cars to be at speed. While your inbuilt car engine is designed to a certain speed and power, there are brands in the market that help you remap your engine for a better speed. These additional alterations in your car can void your motor warranty. Additionally, other add-ons like an aftermarket air filter, larger intercooler, etc., cancels your car’s warranty.

4. Set Up An Additional Exhaust

Exhaust is a vital part of the powertrain and has a major part in the combustion cycle. For better performance, many owners set up a free-flow exhaust in their vehicles. However, the car may start polluting more after adding the exhaust and may cause problems in the engine. In cases like these no insurer will offer a warranty. The owner is solely responsible for all the after expenses.

5. Audio

The inbuilt audio systems in most cars are often not loud and sound a little dull, Thus encouraging the owners to modify it and upgrade the sound system. But, if you go overboard with the sound setup and install enthralling and consuming devices, The electrical system has to take the extra strain. Moreover soundsystem consumes a lot of energy and is heavy which can damage the suspension due to weight. Thus, many insurers do not offer a motor warranty that has outside audio setups installed.

6. External wiring

Any additions and inclusions that concern the wiring and can overload the battery or lead to the damage of the motor could null your motor warranty. Your warranty will be void if you add any extra wiring of low quality or high power that causes damage to the inbuilt electrical system. Always purchase products from known brands backed by a proper bill or invoice.

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