Causes and Management of Shoulder Pain

Have you strained a shoulder or gotten injured due to one activity or the other? The shoulders are prone to several conditions, such as strains or injuries to the rotary cuff. Whatever the case might be, it is important to manage the condition properly as your shoulder heals. Heated shoulder wrap can help you as you heal your shoulder because heat therapy can relieve pain and discomfort.

Let’s start by discovering the causes of shoulder pain.

Types and Causes of Shoulder Pain

  1. Age: Old age can lead to shoulder pains because the tissues of the shoulder wear and tear as you get older and are unable to support your shoulders like they usually would.
  2. Bodily injuries: Injuries in other parts of your body, especially your back or neck can affect your shoulders and cause some stress.
  3. Wrong posture: Bending or positioning your shoulders wrongly can cause shoulder discomfort.
  4. Long sitting: Those who work at a desk every day have higher chances of experiencing shoulder discomfort and pain.
  5. Physical labor: Lifting heavy things or engaging in strenuous work with your shoulders can cause pain and discomfort

How to prevent shoulder pain?

There are several prevention methods to keep you free from shoulder pains. On a general level, avoid overworking or over-flexing your muscle joints and muscles allow your shoulders to rest properly, especially after a stressful day or activity.

You should also work on boosting the strength and flexibility of the shoulder with exercises such as stretching and yoga, thereby reducing the chances of injury.

Here are some ways to boost your shoulder flexibility:

  1. Shoulder Rolls: You can do shoulder rolls easily, whether you’re standing or at your desk. Sit or stand straight and begin rolling your shoulders forward, then roll them up, and then backward in a circular motion. Do this several times.
  2. Cross Stretch: Place your right arm by your waist and take your left hand behind your right elbow so that you can pull both arms across your chest. Maintain that position for one minute and then switch arms.
  3. Head Tilt:Stretch your neck by placing your head down, tucking your right cheek into your chest, and rolling your head around slowly. After a while, do the same when tucking in your left cheek.

How to Manage/Cure Shoulder Pain

The first thing to do when you injure your shoulders or experience pain caused by a strain is to apply ice on the area, especially if it is swollen.

Also, a heated shoulder wrap or warm towels can relieve the discomfort and tension on your shoulders.

Heated shoulder wraps are very helpful because heat therapy, just like vibration massage and magnetic therapy has been known to support full rehabilitation.

When you wrap a heating pad with built-in heat on either of your shoulders, it promotes blood flow and warms your shoulder.

Our heated shoulder pads come with a portable rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for 75 minutes on a single charge, a timer that can be programmed for 10, 15, 0r 20 minutes, as well as elastic and adjustable straps for either of your hands.

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