Chatbots and Why Modern Businesses Need Them

Chatbots actively interact with users on websites, social networks, and messengers. But does every business need to implement such programs? Here’s why entrepreneurs need these technologies.

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a program that leads conversations with customers on a website, messenger, or social networking site. For example, a potential customer texts the company in private messages to ask how to make a deposit to play ऑनलाइन कैसीनो, or the price of car covers. The operator cannot always give a quick answer, and the chatbot is instantly included in the conversation.

Of course, these are standardized answers, but the user is glad he got the information right away. Probably, he would not contact other companies, and prefers to order from the place that is immediately available.

Are Chatbots Good for Any Business?

Actually, it’s wrong to put the question like that. Any business can use chatbots. You just have to decide what your goals are. If a company supports tenders, the chatbot will remind the client the number when the suppliers’ bids are being considered. But it won’t be able to build a dialogue with the client. There are too many nuances in procurements, which can only realistically be discussed in a conversation between a seller and a buyer.

A barbershop, on the other hand, can easily implement a chatbot so that customers can choose a master, a haircut, and a time when it is convenient for them to visit the barbershop. These operations are simple, and it’s realistic to think through the conversation scenario in advance.

What Tasks Chatbots Do Best

Chatbots simplify interaction with users when a simple and structured answer is needed:

  • General information. For example, barbershop hours and prices for haircuts.
  • Collection of contacts via forms. Suitable for infobusiness when signing up for courses or webinars.
  • Order acceptance. Users can select the product they want through bots to put it in the shopping cart.
  • Newsletters and notifications. Companies can notify customers about promotions or order delivery.
  • Answers to FAQs. If the user asks standard questions, the chatbot will easily send it to the FAQ section of the site.
  • User segmentation. The shoe store can segregate users by gender to send appropriate offers.
  • Feedback. Customers can use the bot to rate the service or make suggestions for improvement.

The main advantage of chatbots is that they work in a 24/7 format. It turns out that the first line of interaction with customers is always in touch. They are actively and successfully used in different spheres, such as:

  • Banks.
  • Real Estate Agencies.
  • Salons, beauty shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Carsharing services.
  • Language schools.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Food delivery services.

Top 5 Online Services for Creating Chatbots


A handy builder for creating chatbots, auto-voices and mailings in messengers and social networks. There are 14 days of free access. All analytics are collected in one section and distributed by segments.

Bot Kits

This tool is suitable only for text communications with clients and sending content. There are no free rates, but there is training and implementation of a ready-made solution for business tasks.

Flow XO

It’s an english-speaking service for creating bots if you need to collect leads, accept payments and answer standard questions. There is a free usage period of up to 500 user contacts.


This user-friendly platform helps introduce bots for all messengers and social networks. It is possible to assemble from ready-made blocks, which the platform has already come up with. There is a free test period, and then you can choose from several tariffs to suit the objectives of business.


The universal platform for chat bots: from social networks to websites. It’s also suitable for entrepreneurs who work closely with personal data. The cost depends on the complexity of implementation.

It is not difficult to build a chatbot yourself. The main thing is to have a website or a group in social networks with messengers. Most constructors offer ready-made scripts for dialogs. You just need to insert links and upload images.

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