Common Construction Accidents in Rockford

Construction accidents can be dangerous and even life-threatening, as they result in injuries or even death. Many workers end up injured each year, but if you know the warning signs of a construction accident, you’ll be able to avoid being hurt in the first place. 

Whenever you are injured in a construction accident, it would be better to get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can look into the circumstances of your accident and figure out if it was caused by someone else or if you were at fault. They can also help you claim workers’ compensation benefits.

For now, we will see into common construction accidents in Rockford.

  • Falls

Falls are the biggest problems for construction workers and can also be difficult to predict. You need to understand that falls occur frequently as long as you work in construction. Falls are that common. But sometimes, injuries sustained from a fall can have a major impact on your life. Therefore, if you are injured in a fall accident, don’t hesitate to file a claim for compensation.

  • Electrocution

Electrocutions can occur across a construction site. If you are working with electrical equipment, you should try to measure the distance between yourself and a power line before starting any work. But when working at night or in dark areas, it is not always possible to see hazards like live wires or exposed electric equipment. Sometimes these accidents occur when you least expect them. 

  • Getting struck by objects

The danger of getting struck by something falling from above is high in construction. Many workers get injured because they were not wearing a hard hat while working on a building. Employers can be held liable for failing to provide their employees with proper safety gear. Therefore, if you have been injured in such an accident, it can be caused by your employer’s negligence. And so, you should consult an attorney and file a claim for compensation.

  • Being crushed or caught in-between

If you are working on a construction site, it is important to understand that many so-called “collapses” can actually be a lot more serious. In order to prevent such accidents, it is important to check the stability of every structure before beginning any work. If workers fail to do this, injuries can occur and lead to broken bones.

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