Dab Rigs vs. The Others: For the Expert Smoker

Avid smokers already know the ropes of smoking. You know all the common ways to smoke like using pre-roll joints, edibles, bongs, etc. Now it’s time to up the ante. If you’re into getting stoned with your own customized equipment, accessories, and flavor, then you have to consider using dab rigs.

Dab rigs are a highly customizable tool you can use to get an intense high, while also enjoying a nice flavor. Unlike joints, which run out quickly and provide a more mellow high, dab rigs will get you high longer and faster. Giving you an intense euphoric high so you can fully relax.

If you’re new to smoking weed, dab rigs may be a little much for you. But for the expert smokers, this is just what you’re looking for. Still, make sure to be mindful of all safety precautions and hazards when setting up, smoking, using, and cleaning your dab rig.

Let’s find out why dab rigs blow all other competition into the water.

Extremely potent

For one, you’ll get an incredibly powerful high when you smoke out of a dab rig, with just one toke. Unlike blunts or joints, where you have to smoke multiple of them back to back to feel a strong high, you really only need a hit or two of the dab rig to feel a strong high. No matter what type of dab rig you choose – whether it is a big rig, mini rig, or standard dab rig – you can still get intense flavor and a long-lasting high that will stay with you for hours.

Strong flavor

The second benefit of using dab rigs is that you can enjoy your preferred flavor over and over, without it becoming stale or flat. The way that the dab rig operates is by using very low levels of temperature without burning the weed, which enables the rig to provide a strong and slow burn that keeps the flavor fresh in the dab rig for the whole session. Add flavors like blueberry, grapefruit, or lemon for a more fruitier concentrate.

Very efficient

The last but least reason to use a dab rig is maximum efficiency- don’t waste time, money, and effort trying to get a good high. Instead, use a carefully made dab rig with all the accessories and components you could possibly want, to get you where you need to be. You’ll know it’s a good dab rig if it’s able to cool the smoke to avoid flavor burnout, recycle water, and come in several different sizes.

Get a Stronger High with Your New Dab Rig

Are you an expert weed smoker? If so, you’re ready for the next step. So put away those amateur pre-rolls, dab pens, and edibles. And get ready to feel the high of your life. Go with a mini dab rig or one of the big boys, if you’re ready for that. Pick out a nice flavor concentrate, get comfortable, and it’s happy toking from there.