Develop a Facebook Strategy and Measure Success

One thing is constant with Facebook and life alike: change. The Facebook platform is, to be polite, a moving target. The behavior of Facebook changes, the rules change for communications/notifications and the News Feed, and developers are allowed to do things today that they aren’t allowed to do tomorrow. Facebook makes changes rapidly and sometimes without warning. So if you’d like to keep up with these changes, feel free to check out one of the following: includes information on the book, links to destinations on Facebook, links to blog posts that will cover hot issues, contact information for any questions you may have, and information on vendors that can help you with sticky social media marketing problems. links to interesting articles and developments in Facebook marketing, case studies, statistics, and so on.

Both sites are operated by the authors and will include updates, podcasts, tips and tricks, and other helpful information that you may need. They’re also places for you to provide feedback. As long as you are respectful and constructive, we’ll answer just about any question. But we won’t do your job for you. Skybox strives to keep you supplied with the latest tools and information you need for your work. Please check its website.

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