Different Types Of Equipment You See At The Gym

You may go to the gym or are thinking about getting a new membership. The variety of machines, however, can be overwhelming for the newcomer. Your standard gym has many different devices for working out, which is as varied as the fitness goals with which people join a gym.

Knowing about the gym equipment beforehand can help you not appear as a newbie and utilise them better. The understanding will also let you choose the right machinery to help you achieve your fitness goals.

So, what are the standard machines in a gym?

Usually, fitness equipments can be categorised into two types, depending on their purpose:

  • Machines used for cardio
  • Devices used for strength building

Cardio machines

As the name suggests, cardio machines build more cardiovascular stamina and endurance. People who join a gym with weight loss tend to be mainly around these machines.

Note: A common misbelief is that you need to do more cardio to lose belly fat. The reality is you need to do strength training more and perform cardio 2-3 times/week, with each session no longer than 40-45 minutes.

Stationary exercise bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are the ideal gym equipment for building your cardiovascular capacity. However, they can be used to boost your strength and for muscle gain too. Regular cycling at high intensity can take your fat loss goals off the chart and improve your metabolism along the way.

Stair stepper

Stair steppers are the perfect tool for increasing the strength of your lungs and heart. This way, it builds you up for high-intensity cardio and more extended strength training. Aerobic fitness exercises require a strong lung capacity to perform, and this is the perfect tool to help you.

Cable crossovers

Aerobic conditioning, muscle toning, and better core strength are some of the benefits of using cable crossovers. You can use these machines for performing various exercises, such as the lat pulldown, rowing, and seated and lying cable crossovers.

Strength machines

Strength machines are designed to put a mechanical overload on the path of the usual motion of your joints, compelling you to apply force. They are perfect for developing muscles, and you will usually find the most muscular people grinding in these. However, different strength machines are designed to hit various forces in your body.

Lat pulldown

The lat is for short and targets the latissimus dorsi, the broad and flat muscles at the side of your back. You need to sit on the machine’s bench and pull the handles or bars to the level of your chest. This tool is perfect for building some upper body strength. Other than strengthening your back, it also models the upper arm muscles.

Leg extension/leg curl machines

Don’t skip leg days and spend quality time with the leg extension machine. You need to focus on your hamstring muscles to move this machine. Performing twice a week can build significant power and flexibility in your legs.


If you are between the age of 25 and 35, you probably enjoy going to the gym a lot or are thinking about it. Knowing about the types of gym equipment you are most likely to encounter can help you utilise them correctly. Not only will it help you get the most out of your workout session, but it also will make you appear less inexperienced.

Now that you know about the different machines go out there and count the reps.

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