Divorcing a Spouse Living Abroad: What Steps Must Be Followed?

In general, falling in love with someone from another country is not at all unusual. There is a lot that goes into keeping that marriage, and they don’t always succeed.

Every day, thousands of marriages break up.The process of international divorce involves a unique set of challenges when one spouse is a foreign national. Even though divorce cases involving two or more jurisdictions can be challenging, you can prepare for the process.

International divorce is frequently a financially and emotionally taxing process. However, it might be facilitated by divorce law consultation from a competent divorce lawyer. A Divorce lawyer exists to help people get through this very stressful time in their lives.

Some Major Steps to Follow While Divorcing a Spouse Living Abroad

1. Gather Your Document

The stress of what is frequently a tough circumstance can be reduced by being ready with all the essential papers. There are specialized documents based on your unique situation.

2. Study and Understand the Laws Between the Two Countries

Numerous international couples discover that they are eligible for divorce in multiple nations. This offers them a choice of court. It is a good idea to see a divorce lawyer with experience in international divorce laws. A divorce lawyer can help understand collaborative divorce law and immigration divorce law.

3. Decide Where to Get Divorced

Applying in the nation that is most likely to prove advantageous for you can make a substantial difference. This is because the divorce process and outcomes can differ significantly between jurisdictions.

You will need to meet the country’s unique requirements, which are often driven by two factors: domicile and habitual residency.

Domicile Residence: You can get divorced in the country of your birth or the country where you have your permanent home. An adult, however, is only permitted to reside in one place at once. Either a domicile of origin (the country where you were born) or a domicile of choice (the country where you have chosen to make your permanent home).

Habitual Residency: You must be able to demonstrate habitual residence to obtain a divorce in a country other than the one in which you were born or now reside. You can do this by demonstrating that you have made that nation your home or that you intend to stay there for an extended period.

Evidence of domicile and/or habitual residency may include your nationality and your place of residence. It may also include your place of employment. Also, any real estate you own including rental property; your financial situation, and the places you pay taxes.

4. Decide on Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Many international couples choose to enter into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. These agreements specify how assets will be divided. It also specifies how alimony will be paid in case of a divorce. It also includes a jurisdiction and choice of law to be applied in the event of a divorce. This is because they are aware of the many uncertainties involved in international divorce.

5. Hire a Qualified Divorce Lawyer

International divorce is a highly complicated process. This necessitates the counsel of a very skilled and experienced divorce lawyer. Especially one who has handled cases similar to yours and has connections in other countries.

A divorce lawyer practices family divorce law. They also ensure the preservation of clients’ rights through legal separations, and divorces. The division of assets and debt among spouses is the responsibility of a divorce attorney.

6. Submit the Divorce Application in the Country Where You Can Get the Best Chances

When parties to divorce come from different nations, the court that receives the divorce first will hold the proceedings. Therefore, it’s crucial to submit your application in the nation where you have the most chance of success.

This could be the nation in which you were born, or the nation you have chosen as your permanent residence. Or it could also be another nation in which you currently reside or intend to reside. A divorce lawyer can help you decide what will likely be the most advantageous.

7 Ways Divorce Lawyers Help Their Clients in an International Divorce Case

1. A Divorce Lawyer Provides Counsel and Advise

Even though international divorce is a difficult process, a divorce lawyer can make it less difficult. Women divorce lawyers or men divorce lawyers can talk to you about matters that will affect your future. These can include support and custody concerns.

A divorce law firm can provide divorce lawyers to act as a mediator for a divorce between you and your spouse.The mediation for divorce involves you and your spouse meeting with a skilled, impartial mediator who settles the divorce-related concerns.

2. Explains the Divorce Laws

Self-dissolution from your marriage is a legal process. You could still gain from working with a divorce attorney even if you get along well with your ex-spouse.

Women divorce lawyers and men divorce lawyers can assist you in navigating the legal implications of divorce. They help prevent experiencing any pain because of their skill, experience, and education. An experienced divorce lawyer can help explain all the laws needed in an international divorce

3. A Divorce Lawyer Can Explain Property Division

A divorce lawyer can clarify how property is handled after an international divorce. Each partner may have brought a distinct property into the marriage. According to a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, other spouses can have amassed assets separately.

Whether the state is an equitable distribution state or a community property state can be determined by a divorce attorney. This trait may have a significant impact on how the marital estate is divided.

4. Child Custody

One of the main reasons to engage a divorce lawyer is to fight for custody of the children. Sorting through the complicated and frequently stressful concerns of child custody can be difficult. A divorce lawyer will gather information and conduct research. They will also put up a compelling argument for why their client should be granted custody of any minor children.

Collaborative divorce lawyers can help reach an agreement for you and your spouse by following collaborative divorce law.

5. Settling Marital Assets

A divorce lawyer makes sure that their client reveals all such assets to fairly divide the marital estate. It’s common for one partner to have handled the finances in a marriage, and the other spouse may not be aware of the couple’s obligations or assets.

A divorce lawyer can assist in gathering documentation and identifying assets and liabilities. This helps to ensure that these assets are fairly represented in the divorce settlement.

6. Paperwork and Representation in Court

Formal documents must be filed to the appropriate court for approval to obtain a divorce for a spouse in another country. A divorce lawyer can help clients with the preparation of these documents or with responding to the other spouse’s divorce petition. Also, if you need to, a divorce lawyer can assist you with the court process.

7. Helps Settle for Spousal Support and Benefits

A divorce lawyer can assist in determining whether one spouse would be eligible for spousal support or might be obligated to provide it. Spousal assistance may be required when spouses earn drastically different amounts of money.

Also, when one spouse gave up their profession to enhance the other spouse’s. A spouse can also be eligible for a share of the company interest that the other spouse manages.


Divorcing a spouse in another country can be challenging. Therefore, divorce lawyers are frequently required rather than optional. In light of this, hiring a qualified divorce lawyer is the best approach to increase your chances of success if you’re going through a divorce.

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