Editing tools that every blogger needs

Stringing the words together is not just work, it is an art. Working through the writer’s block and pouring words and sentences about one topic after the other could be as tedious as any job that includes physical work could be. The upside of being a blogger is you don’t have to work at a fixed time. You can fix your work time as what you want it to be everyday as per your convenience as long as you meet your deadlines. You can always rely on PDF converter to Word to work on your blog whenever you want and wherever you want.

As a writer, you tend to hit a wall often. Here is a set of tools to make your ‘break through the writer’s block’ phase easy. With the Charter Spectrum cable app, make your TV mobile.


Finding the suitable image for your blog is a time consuming job. Images often act as the attractive magnet that pulls the writer to check out your blog. Canva has different kinds of templates and images which makes your job easier and efficient at one click. Canva also supports graphic designs, contains various different types of fonts and has templates perfectly sized for various social networking platforms. With Canva pro, you can also get so many other incentives such as changing the dimensions of the template you have finalised and access to exclusive pro resources.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Every writer at one point faces the problem of ‘what to write about’ every once and then. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator becomes the saviour of the day and helps to easily find topics. It is quite easy to use as well. You just have to simply type a noun and then select “add” to begin. You can pick as many as five and then click the orange ‘give me blog ideas’ button after that and voila you got fresh topics to write on and also lets you to save  PDF to Word files.


This app’s primary function is to ensure that your productivity level is stable which makes it the ideal app to put together an editorial schedule for the blog. It is basically a project management app.Almost anything you need to manage your complete blogging process may be done, including creating projects, setting due dates, adding various team members, etc. rello is streamlined and without a lot of the unnecessary clutter, it is excellent for bloggers.

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