Eistria and their research on Artemisinin as the best antimalarial drug

Gone are the days when people used herbs to cure Malaria and other parasitic symptoms. In this new Era, many advance medical treatments have been introduced to cure diseases and their elementary symptoms. So, antimalarial drugs are commonly available on the market to cure Malaria efficiently. According to recent studies, Artemisinin is the tried and tested medicine for inflammation, bacterial, and fungal infections.

Moreover, its availability is not common, but you can buy this medicine from Eistria LTD. It’s the most reliable and professional company to provide effective medication against medical illness.  In addition, professionals in Eistria LTD collect the active form of Artemisinin from the plant Artemisia Annua L. The laboratory experts further test this material and pass from several technical methods to become eligible for consumption.

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What are the active ingredients of this medicine?

Its active ingredient Artemisia Annua L is obtained from sweet woodworm. Hence, it is complemented with rice flour, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide to meet the dietary requirements.

Dosage and shipping

You will get 100 capsules in one bottle, and it’s better to take one or two capsules empty stomach. Each capsule is 560mg, and you can ask the physician before taking this medicine.

You can order it online on Eistria LTD, and a fast shipping method will allow you to get the medicine within a few days. If you have any issues, the company will facilitate you in every possible way. Hence, you can exchange or return your package within three days.

What are the uses and benefits of Artemisinin?

Professionals at Eistria LTD provide effective medicine with a balanced and composed ratio. It’s the most authentic and tested medicine to treat pyretic symptoms.

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Its anti-inflammatory function is powerful in reducing sweating and pain. It reduces the pain-causing agents and cures the swelling by secretion of sebaceous glands. So, inflammation and pain will be no longer after daily taking its effective dosage.


When the weather changes, most people suffer from fungal infections. The reason behind this is intestinal bacteria’s inability to cope with external conditions. Thus, this medicine will reduce bloating, gas, intestinal disorders, inflammation, cystitis, ulcers on the oral mucosa. Many diseases like bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and excessive growth of small intestine bacteria can be cured within time.


This drug is fairly active in killing bacteria and fungus’ cell walls. Eistria LTD experts believe that this medicine is 100 % effective against bacteria and any foreign agents in the body. It kills the parasites and provides healthy body organs with accurate functioning.

Best sedative

This drug prevents the barrier between brain and body and can be sued for sedation. So, its clinical uses are not so common, but you can use this medicine to sedate for the purpose.

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Drug for cancer

American cancer association has proved that Eistria LTD is a reliable company to provide Artemisinin for cancer treatment. It has been proven you will get positive results after 16 days of usage. In addition, the tumor size will be reduced by 28%, and it helps to destroy the free radicals in the body.

Over to you

Artemisinin is the most effective medicine to cure paralytic and elementary diseases. It’s purely organic, and Eistria LTD ensures its 100 % effectiveness for the people. It’s free of chemicals and totally herbal medicine to fight against bacteria, fungus, inflammation, and cancer cells.



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