Engagement And Wedding Rings: A Style For Every Personality

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia reported over 78,989 registered marriages in 2020. Accompanying it is the jewellery industry with a market size of over 4 billion AUD. Survey shows that people increasingly opt to shop for luxury jewellery from trusted e-commerce brands. The concept of engagement ring and wedding ring are popular among many western countries, including Australia. When an individual wears it, it indicates that they are engaged or married. A partner presents a ring as their engagement present to the spouse, during or after a marriage proposal. Read more to know the versatile styles and cuts available among these rings to fit one’s needs while purchasing them. 

Engagement Ring Setting and Ring Style

A setting refers to how different gemstones are designed and sealed onto a metal band. The reason is to highlight the allure of an engagement gemstone. Some types of ring settings are mentioned below. 

Prong setting

It is the most common ring setting. It is made out of a metal arm that holds the precious diamond at the girdle. This ring set consists of a design that uplifts the centrepiece high above the metal band. It allows light to travel from all directions, providing a fire or sparkle exit shine. 

Bead setting 

In this type, miniature round shape pieces of metal are used as tips to protect the gemstones. It is similar to a halo style ring design. As this setting consists of diamonds in the band, an ultimate sparkle is displayed when worn. 

Bezel setting

A Bezel setting characterises a metal rim to defend the corners of a gemstone. As this setting is flat, it displays only the top of the crown of a diamond. It is widely known as the budget-friendly engagement ring because of its style. 

Cathedral setting 

In this setting, height and grace are additional to an engagement ring. The shafts of the ring bend up to feature its height. Due to its curving feature, the middle piece stays above the band. If anyone is looking for a high setting with a traditional style, this is a perfect choice. 

Tension setting

In this ring setting, one can observe that the centrepiece looks suspended. The design consists of pressure in the opposite directions to clutch the diamond. It generates an illusion of the gemstone floating in mid-air. As it has open sides, the light has room to enter and exit the gemstone and portrays a sparkle. 

Channel setting

The two parallel walls in the ring secure the diamonds or the gemstones within the metal band. This feature makes it more durable and fashionable. It is known for its seamless flow of light. 

A ring style enhances its overall design, including the aesthetics and if it is a halo, solitaire or three stoned. 

Halo style 

A glowing circle of minute diamonds is arranged around a dazzling centre stone in this style. It is popular because the halo design around the centre stone enhances the visual impact. In some rings settings, the bigger stone in the centre is encircled by a single or sometimes a doubt halo of either pink or white stones. 

Solitaire style

As the name indicates, it displays a dazzling single diamond. In general, solitaire rings have a round diamond on them. But its beauty does not reduce even if a diamond shape is a centrepiece. 

Three stone style 

In this ring style, the centre round and glowing stones are put together with side stones complementing the centrepiece. This combination of gemstones produces superlative beauty. Some rings also have mind-blowing diamonds or sapphire and other complementing stones accompanying them. 

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