Essential Welding Tools to Start a Welding Career

A large number of people across Australia want to make a career out of the skill of welding. After all, it is exciting, versatile, and easy to learn. But before starting a welding career, one needs to know about the essential welding equipment

In 2020, the Asia Pacific market for welding was valued at USD 7.27 billion. That is incredibly surprising given the risky nature of the industry. 

So, here is a list of the most vital equipment, other than a welder, required to establish a welding business.

1.Auto-darkening welding helmet

A welding helmet is the first basic welding equipment that everyone should have. Auto-darkening welding helmets, in particular, are excellent welding tools for novices. 

Unlike older helmets, an auto-darkening helmet will darken the shield only when it detects a strong light. They make it possible to examine the workpiece before beginning the welds, resulting in more precision and less discomfort.

2.Workbench or welding table

Welding on the floor is inconvenient, unpleasant, and may endanger one’s safety. Therefore, it is imperative to find a firm surface to operate on before beginning a welding project. This can be a standard workstation or a specialized welding table. 

There are several compact and portable workbenches available for a low cost, too. Invest in one of these since it will make the job much easier.

3.Angle grinder

An angle grinder is often used to cut and polish metals and to remove excess material after or during a welding project. Angle Grinders are highly versatile and a must-have tool for any welding project. 

An angle grinder is a piece of necessary welding equipment since it helps to finish the task and polish the workpiece, whether through grinding, smoothing a weld, or cutting a piece of metal.

4.Personal safety equipment

Welding is a risky job. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a set of the best possible safety equipment. In fact, these are equally as important as your welders, clamps, and angle grinders.

  • Welding gloves: Welding gloves are relatively thicker gloves with heat-resistant linings that protect the welder’s hands from extreme temperatures.
  • Safety glasses: Welders use safety glasses to protect their eyes from the heat and visual radiation created during welding. Welders can use them in place of a helmet for some minor welding activities.
  • Ear protection: Ear protection is used to shield the ears from loud, continuous noises during welding.
  • Steel-toe boots: These are sturdy shoes with substantial support with steel in the toes to protect one’s toes from falling objects.
  • Welding jacket: Welding jackets are composed of fire-resistant material and are meant to shield welders from the tremendous heat and metal spray produced during welding.

Final notes

Welding is not a career for the weak of the heart. But it is a lucrative career nonetheless. This article, therefore, aims to educate an aspiring welder on the most basic welding equipment when starting a welding workshop. 

Having a good set of tools such as welding clamps and angle grinders add finesses to your work. However, safety is of utmost importance since welding happens at a high temperature. 

Hence, having a good pair of gloves, work boots, safety glasses, and jacket along with appropriate ear protection and an auto-darkening helmet is a must. So, go on and start training now for a flourishing career in welding!

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