Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Concrete Mixer Machine

A spinning drum is used to blend the components in a standard concrete mixer. Portable mixers are frequently utilized for smaller-scale projects to enable mixing of concrete on-site and used before hardening. Hand-mixing of concrete is an alternative to using a machine.

For the industrial manufacture of prepared concrete, especially precast concrete, the current economy increasingly demands uniform homogeneity and fast mixing times. As a result, mixing techniques for the production of concrete have been improved. Since the correct concrete mixer can boost your company’s productivity, it’s critical to make the right choice;

Money Value

Like any other piece of company equipment, you want to ensure that the investment is profitable. While buying a mixer will cost money upfront, it may be beneficial in the long term, during your calculations, Evaluate the number of times you use a mixer machine against the cost of hiring one. If you will be regularly using the mixer machine for heavy-duty works, a more expensive model is preferable.

The Size

Concrete mixer size is directly influenced by the frequency and size of the task, and the drum size of the mixer is an important consideration. Consider what tasks you’ll utilize a concrete mixer for before purchasing one. There are a variety of options available, ranging from industrial-sized versions to small versions. To ensure that you maximize the output of your mixer, make sure that the mixer’s size corresponds to the load size of the duties that your company is generally tasked with.

Second Hand or New

If you are on a fixed budget, a second-hand concrete mixer for sale in Kenya can help you stretch your cash further. This choice enables you to purchase a high-quality mixer without going broke. Although you need to get the best equipment for your company, financial sustainability is an important factor to consider when purchasing an item. the mixer does not only need to have to meet your company’s needs, but it also has to fit within your budget. When determining if to purchase new or used, take into account the mixer’s brand and the seller’s reputation. The condition and age of the mixer will also influence your decision.

Starting Mechanisms

A mixer with the convenience of use ease of activation, and startup mechanism affect the durability of the mixer. When it comes to concrete mixers, you will have the option of choosing between pull-cord and electric starts. Electric starting is a more convenient solution that also reduces the disruption caused by defective cords.

Power Supply

When examining the various concrete mixers, you will find the option of choosing between gas and electric models. The gas model advantage is that it does not require electricity to run. This implies that you can relocate it around your construction site without worrying about the supply of electricity. They have the disadvantage of producing gas fumes.


Since you have a better understanding of the various elements to consider, you can start by determining your budget, and then look through the variety of mixers to select the type that best meets your needs. The brand of the mixer, power supply, and profitability should also be put into consideration.

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