Factors to Consider When Buying Protective Footwear

Different work environments pose different hazards to the workers. These hazards may at times cause accidents and injuries. The type of shoes a worker wears in a working environment may determine the level of injury inflicted on the worker in case of an accident. The injury may not be very bad if the employee has protective shoes.

Employers need to ensure their workers’ safety in their work places. One of the items that can provide workers’ safety is the type of shoes they wear at work. Some work places involve handling poisonous and dangerous materials, sharp tools, dropping of heavy objects or working on floors that might generate electricity. These environments require workers to have shoes that ensure their safety. You should consider the following factors when buying protective footwear.


The comfort of safety shoes will be determined by choice of the right size of the shoes. Materials used in the manufacture of the shoes will also contribute to its comfort. To ensure comfort, wear comfortable socks, test the shoes to ensure the right size, and tie the laces in a way that ensures your foot is comfortably in place.


Safety footwear should protect the worker from possible hazards at the work place. The shoes should have safety toe guards to reduce the risk of injuries to the feet. They should also have metatarsal guards to protect the bones at the upper part of the foot from dropping objects. Electrical hazard rated foot wear protects workers from open circuits. A safe worker is more productive.

Durability and Quality

Safety shoes are mainly made to withstand high pressure and also to be long-lasting. Leather is the most commonly used material for protective footwear. In addition to being flexible, leather resists wear and tear. Shoes made from leather are durable and one can use them for long before replacing.


Work shoes need to be maintained just like office or casual shoes. They should be cleaned every time after they are worn. Maintaining these shoes does not only ensure the wearer looks smart but also makes the shoes last longer. The right cleaning and polishing materials should be chosen for the shoes. When purchasing these shoes, ensure you get a pair that is easy to clean and polish.

Design and Elegance

Many choose protective footwear depending on the design and the general appearance. Some have steel caps while others don’t have. Some are colored while others are plain. Employers may require employees to be in protective shoes matching with the uniform. Others may instruct the workers to be in a particular design of shoes. The shoes should be beautiful and one should look stylish in them.


When buying most items, many people first look at the price. Many would want cheaper items as opposed to expensive ones. However, a cheaper pair of shoes has low quality and may not last long or may compromise your safety. Buying cheaper shoes may be expensive in the long run.  Treatment cost may be incurred as a result of cheap protective shoes.


Safety in the work place ensures workers are protected from all hazards in the working environment. Wearing good quality protective shoes is one way of protecting workers from injuries.

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