Factors to consider when choosing the right MIG welding machine:

MIG welding stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding. It is a process that involves forming an electric arc between the electrode and the work piece metal. The work piece metal is heated to fuse by the consumable MIG wire electrode. A shielding gas must be used to prevent the process from atmospheric contaminants. In this article we are going to discuss factors to consider before purchasing a MIG welding machine in Kenya.


 There are many factors to consider while purchasing a welding machine. This is because of the arrival of new model in the market with different advanced features making it pretty confusing. It is even more challenging when buying the machine for the first time.

Budget: First and foremost, put into consideration the mig welding machine price in Kenya. To purchase a machine with more advanced features means that you are likely to spend more money on the purchase than when purchasing one with less features. It is important to consider if you need the advanced features and how often you use the machine. When your considerations are in order, you will definitely enjoy the value of your money.

Duty cycle: Depending on the size of the machine, there are machines that can be used for longer periods without rest. A machine with a high duty period gives a higher welding duration without overheating. A machine with a low duty period requires rest to prevent it from overheating. In this case, the higher the duty cycle, the more expensive the machine is likely to be as compared to a machine with a low duty cycle. This greatly affects the price too.

Power: It is very important to consider the power available for welding. This is also determined by the type of materials to weld and the strength of your bond. MIG welders come with maximum and minimum Amp rating. The higher the maximum Amp rating the more the power output one can get from a MIG welder.

Machine with a high maximum rating enables you to weld thicker metals. A more powerful machine enables you to weld on metals with different thickness.

Job type: The welding greatly determines the type of machine to purchase. There are fields which require light welding because the materials to be welded have a light gauge. This means that you will need to buy a machine that suits the job.

When welding materials which are thick, a powerful machine is needed with the capability of producing heat that can penetrate thick materials. A grinder machine is also ideal for such activity.


It is very important to make the right considerations before purchasing a machine to ensure efficiency in your field of work. Buying a machine with lower quality standards than your field requires would only result in chaos. For instance, it would be inappropriate to use a machine with low maximum Amp rating while working on thick metals as this would cause the machine to overheat. The right choice should be made to ensure durability of the machine.

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