Finding the Perfect Match: A Guide to pair Eye Makeup with Lip Colour

Pairing the right ones can be baffling with many hot colours for makeup in the season. Lotus Makeup has a broad spectrum of eye and lip makeup palettes that can be combined to wear a new look every time. Whether contrast or compliment the shades, we are here to share the most alluring eye and lip colour combos that would make you the talk of the town:

1. Smokey eyes with Nudes

Smoky eyes are one of my favs of all. If you use pitch black or grey for your eye makeup, pair them with beige nude or berry pink, respectively, to get the perfect look. The tones of black eyeshadow, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Moon Night, give an edgy and bold look that goes well with soft and subtle lip shades, Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color – Nude Nature.

2. Green with Pink

Paint your eyes in velvety green with a stroke of gen eyeliner, and apply fuchsia pink lipstick. Give a dash of colour below the kajal to add some drama and party hard with this look all night long. Our pick for this look is Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color – Passionate Pink, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Forestry, and Ecostay Longlasting Kajal – Black.

3. Bronze with Red

This is the combo that you must wear at a wedding or cocktails. The bronze in eyeshadow, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Orchid Freshness, gives the eyes a wider and brighter look enhanced by red lips, Ecostay Natural Matte Lipcolor – Da Odil. The combo instantly highlights the best feature of the face and gives it a glowing feel. celebrities net worth

4. Brown and Peach

We guess your eye shadow palette is full of brown tones. This colour is in vogue this season! You must pick the brown eyeshadow, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Autumn Feel, and apply it subtly. Compliment this tint with peach or pink nude lipstick, Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss – Clear Coral. The classic look works well on all skin tones and is ideal for day makeup.

5. Ombre with Copper Orange

If a fiery look is on your mind, create the drama using yellow, orange, and copper-gold eyeshadow colours with hints of green, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Forestry. Compliment it with copper lipstick with an orange base, Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss. Carry this look right; we are sure you wouldn’t look any less than models catwalking the ramp.

6. Silver with Matte Pink 

Silver is one of the trending colours this year. A silver eyeshadow, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Moon Night, lifts the face and gives it much radiance. This goes well with pink lipstick, Proedit Liquid Matte Lip Color PLC12, one of the best lipstick shades. A matte muted pink lipstick is an excellent option for spring-summer makeup. This look can be worn for a night party or a girls’ dinner date.

7. Pastel Blue with Coral

Pastels are summer colours that are soft and soothing. A combination of pastel blue eyeshadow, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Moon Night, with coral lipstick, Colorkick Exfoliating & Hydrating Lip Sugar SPF 20 – Coral, would be just perfect for a summer evening. This lipstick comes with SPF20 to protect your lips from sun damage and hydrated.

When discussing eye makeup, never forget gel eyeliner, Ecostay Longlasting Gel Eye Definer – Mega Black, for defining the eyes and completing the look. With so many options available, you can always go right with Lotus makeup. Experiment with it your way, or follow the YouTube channel to try new combos to move with the trending styles.

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