First Aid Tips: How To Stop Serious Bleeding

When You are experiencing severe bleeding, you may experience what is known as fight or flight. This means that you might go into defensive mode to help yourself, or you may panic and lose your senses. When someone is injured, that is the last thing that you need. You need to ensure that you can help them the way they need without losing focus. If they do, they can get hostile or panicked and not let you help them while you are attempting to save them. Click here, Mediflight Oklahoma to learn more about air ambulance.

Keeping Calm Is Vital

The first thing that you need to do is calm yourself down if you can. Reassure yourself or the person who is bleeding that everything will be alright. Only then will you be able to begin treating the problem seriously. Obviously, for severe bleeding, you will still need medical help, but there are things that you can do first while you are waiting for the medical help to arrive. If you can keep the person calm, you will be able to give first aid for severe bleeding and ensure that they have the best chance of being alright.

Clothing Comes First

While this may seem surprising, you should first remove the clothing around the wound. That lets you have the opportunity to stop the bleeding more efficiently and see the damage that has been done. Your first job after this is going to be to stop the bleeding. However, one vital tip that you need to remember is that you must never remove large objects or embedded objects from your skin. That is for the medical staff to do only as you could cause yourself excessive bleeding and injuries.

How To Stop Serious Bleeding Includes Bandages

When attempting to stop severe bleeding, you need to place a clean and sterile bandage over the wound. If you don’t have any available, use a clean cloth. To pressure the injury, you must press the application firmly, preferably with your palm. That is done to control the bleeding. When you apply constant pressure, you should notice that the bleeding will stop. You can secure the cloth or material that you have used with adhesive tape or sit with the person and continue to use your hands if it is at all possible, attempting to raise the injured limb above the heart area. However, you should remember that you should not apply direct pressure to the extent that it has a large or embedded object. That can hurt you or the person you are trying to help. Another issue that you must avoid is that you should never apply direct pressure on an injury that occurs in the eyes.

Helping The Injured Person Relax

Another important thing you will need to do is help the person relax. Keeping calm is vital in ensuring that your bleeding will stop more quickly. Panicking doesn’t do anything except make the situation worse. Getting the injured person to lay down will prevent them from losing body heat, which is another vital area to be aware of. You should also keep them immobilized and ensure that the injury is immobilized.

The Bandage Needs To Stay On

Most people wrongly assume that you should remove the bandage if the bleeding comes through. That is not the case. If the bleeding seeps through, you should put another dressing over the top of it instead. It would help if you also continued to put pressure on the area. However, if the situation is becoming more serious, you may need to make what is known as a tourniquet.

A tourniquet is a tool to control bleeding that is considered to be at a life-threatening stage. You will only be able to do this if you have been trained to do so. Suppose you have not; never attempt it. You can cause extreme injuries, and in severe cases, people can lose the limb you are trying to save. However, if you have had the proper training, this could save the person’s life. Be sure, however, to tell the emergency staff how long it has been in place. It is vital to be accurate in this area, so proper training is critical.

Get Immediate Help

Of course, before you attempt to do anything, you should call an ambulance. Remember that the bleeding person shouldn’t be moved if you can help it. Let help come to you. If you attempt to move them to a car when they are bleeding so severely, you may find that they bleed out. It can also cause them to panic further, which can cause additional complications. Be sure that you are doing everything you can for the safety and comfort of the injured person until the ambulance arrives and stays with them. Never leave a person bleeding that badly alone.

Knowing how to stop serious bleeding is a crucial first aid skill that can save lives in emergency situations. To learn more about the proper techniques for controlling bleeding, read this informative article. In addition to understanding these essential first aid tips, it’s important to receive proper training in CPR and other life-saving skills. Newmarket CPR offers comprehensive courses that will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to handle emergencies and provide the best possible care for those in need.

Certification Is Needed

When attempting to stop severe bleeding, you will find that having first aid certification will make all the difference. You will see that you have the proper training to deescalate the situation and adequately help the person in need. Anyone can read tips from a book and attempt it, but having the appropriate certification is vital to executing these tips properly.

Protecting Those In Need

When someone is bleeding, you will want to help them and keep yourself safe. Wearing gloves will protect you, and these tips and a first aid certification will help them. Remember to keep them calm and collected while never removing anything from their body. Your loved one will be scared and in pain, but your presence can help them feel as if they will be alright, which is what they need. Bleeding is a severe issue, and you will want to stop it right away if you can, but you absolutely must be careful about how you do so. You can cause further injuries, pain, and additional bleeding by not understanding what to do. Ensure that you get the proper training and be ready for whatever comes.

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