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2014.12.19 DOI: 10.8981/9781930741442_08_13_0000_z Do it again? Try this one again? It’s that time of the year again! Azevedotechcrunch¬†more and more hits, perfect sequels and hit shows all the time is on show with this year’s series of blockbuster movies. And, because we always do it again, we have another batch of our favorite movies from 2014 listed below. So here’s your chance to explore the world of Hollywood in one go with a list of these hits! Which movie do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

The Huntsman: The Shadows of Knight

Let’s begin with our annual list of the top ten most popular boys’ toys of all time. This time around, it’s the video gameHunters: The Shadow of Knight. The game takes place in a world where the woods are full of midnight Huntsmen who are playing a dark game. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Huntsman, this is your chance. Not only is it a highly realistic and action-packed game, but it’s also got that dark, brooding style that we all love in boys’ toys. And for a limited time only, you can get the highest price ever on this adorable video game. Hurry! This only lasts until the release of the next Harry Potter book!

## The Dark Knight

Now this is a movie that has continuously been on our list of favorite movies ever since it was first released inauspiciously 40 years ago this month. The Dark Knight is a story about a man who goes to great lengths to protect his loved ones but who is also driven by a need to save the world. This is the story of The Dark Knight and its many variations, which we love because we think it’s our all-time favorite. But this year, we’ve gone with the first movie in the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. For this, we have our guys list of the top ten favorite Batman movies, along with their soundtracks and, of course, the Dark Knight Rises poster!

## The Avengers

The Avengers came as no surprise to anyone living or dead during the production of this movie. It was a foregone conclusion, really, as this is one of the most iconic Marvel properties and the first movie in the Avengers series. But this years’ version has some twist and turns that we really enjoy and don’t think belong on this list, so we’re the first to agree! The Avengers is more than just a team of superpowered super Heroes and Super Villains. It’s also a story about a group of people who band together to fight and save the world. There are many different sequels to this movie, but you can usually find them on Netflix and at the end of the day they usually have some nice party scenes or Gunn-esque moments. And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a team of super powered super heroes and super villains, the Avengers series is for you!

## Man of Steel

Another movie that we have on our list of favorite movies ever since it was first released 40 years ago this month. It’s been a long, long way for this one, but it’s slowly getting there! The Man of Steel is almost like another Disney classic, and we think it’s the perfect movie for all ages. It starts off as a historical fiction story about a little guy who discovers there is more to life than meets the eye, and it quickly takes on an adventure that it has been building up to since we were kids. Now, for the first time in this years’Man of Steel, we get a chance to see Shailene Woodley in her breakout role as the iconic title character, which we really enjoy. The other steals of the show are a few moments where the studio engineer voices the hopes and dreams of the cast and crew, and those moments are priceless. It’s also a great movie to start the day with as it comes with a free download of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which is always a treat!

## Thor: The Dark World

We have yet another list of the top ten boys’ toys of all time, this time with a review of this Disney classic, Thor: The Dark World. We’ve already discussed what makes this Andersen-esque tale great, but what makes this movie even more amazing is that it has all the elements of a fantasy story. It is set in the year 2023, and we are introduced to a cast of characters that we haven’t seen in a very long time. After a bit of a Learn Your Disney Everything lesson, we meet our first generation Lebron James, who is from a time when basketball was more than just a sport. We also get to meet our new best friends, The Other Guys. Plus, there are many beautiful fantasy-like locations that we see laid out before us!

## Captain America: The First Avenger

We come back to the movie that started it all and our first main branch of this list. This is the first fan film we’ve featured on our site, and we highly recommend you check it out! It follows the storyline of Captain America, the first Avenger and is set in the year 2083. In this film, we get a better look at the masked hero behind the shield and the other stuff that comes with it. We also get to learn more about The First Avenger and his origins, which are pretty interesting as well.

## The Avengers

Again we have one of those series that has been found in a closet somewhere and is now available to the world for the first time. The Avengers is a movie about two teams of superpowered friends that work together to save the world. The first movie in the series starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Benjamin Bradley, the Avengers is an emotional, powerful and interesting movie. We also get to see some wonderful screenwriting, direction and acting from both Chris and Chris Paul, which is always a treat.

## Man of Steel

Now we have the top ten boys toys of all time and that is all very nice, but this one is even more incredible. The Man of Steel doesn’t have any villains or storylines that are not perfectly suited to be listed on this list, which we call the king of the movie list. In fact, we think Superman has a great chance to take the top spot, because this is a man who knows how to take on the world and win. And he does so in a very impressive way. The Man of Steel is a story about a man who decides to prove himself to the world that he is the best version of himself, and he does so through hard work, determination and determination alone. And for the first and only time in the history of the Man of Steel franchise, we get to see The Batman on the big screen!

## First Avenger

We have yet another list of the top ten boys toys of all time, this time with a review of the first film in the Iron Man series. The First Avenger is a film about Tony Stark (Tony Hale), who is one of the most famous people in the world, and his relationship with his family and with theThor god of thunder. This is a very serious and serious film, but with a lot of fun traits that we all love in kids. And we also get to see a few of the funnier moments from the later years of Tony Stark, which is always a treat!

## Incredibles 2

We have yet another list of the top ten boys toys of all time, this time with another Incredibles sequel, Incredibles 2. This time, we have a group of people who are on the cutting edge of technology and are trying to save the world. We get to see some fantastic action and some very silly moments, which are great because they make us want to laugh even more!

## Best Mergers and Acquisitions in Hollywood So Far

Last but not least is a list of the best mergers and acquisitions in Hollywood so far. This gives us a look at the deals that were made in Hollywood during this year’s movie season, and we can’t wait to see what exciting new projects are being negotiated and discussed!

## The Best Mergers and Acquisitions in Hollywood So Far: 30/05/2017

30/05/2017 was an amazing year for Hollywood, with mergers and acquisitions happening all over the place! Thanks to the massive increase in box office revenue, the theatrical market was able to expand in a big way, and the number of releases grew at an incredible rate. In addition, the internet, now home to everything from information to inspiration