Frequently Asked Questions Is It Better to Reduce Body Fat through Slow Jogging?

Reduce body fat, you can run at a slow or a fast pace. Regardless of the intensity, you can only reduce body fat if you achieve a negative balance of calories. That means eating fewer calories in a day than what you burn. When training in basic stamina intensity, a good part of the energy you use is taken from body fat. This is why lots of people believe that this is the optimum approach to reducing body fat. Fitness stamina intensity,

However, clearly burns more calories in the same amount of time, which is why the absolute degree of fat reduction is higher at the tens stamina intensity level. The more intensive the strain is, the lower the proportion of fat is used for energy, and the higher the absolute amount of fat consumed. This does not necessarily mean that the tens stamina intensity level is better for reducing body fat,

Because not only calorie consumption but also calorie intake has to be considered. After an intensive training session, the body wants to quickly replenish its empty carbohydrate stores. If you then take in more calories than you used, the training has been wasted. Following training at the basic stamina level, you will be less hungry than after training at the tenses stamina level, and it will be easier to eat the right amount of food.

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After an intensive strain, the body needs more time for regeneration. As a result of intensive stamina training, the body may be too tired for Moya Thai training the next day. Intensive training also hampers the immune system and makes you more susceptible to injury and infection. Training at the basic stamina level, on the other hand, improves the immune system, as the body is only slightly strained. A good personal training scheduling software would also be good to add in your fitness journey in losing calories for you can set a schedule in your training and also monitors your progress.

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