In our daily lives, we often come across people who have really God-gifted talents and deserve appreciation. The concept is based mainly on genetics, which doesn’t allow people to have similar cognitive functions. Some are just more intelligent than others, while some are really good at singing, some are good in the arts, and some are good in the sciences. It all depends on microevolution. In the following article, we’re going to discuss the celebrities who’ve become famous because of their natural talents and were born singers or voice artists. Read the article till the end to know the details of their lives!


Our all time favorite, Frozen (ELSA), was voiced by Spencer Lacey Ganus, who’s a famous voice actress. Though famous and talented, she’s still one of the less paid actresses. She worked as a baby model before she could even walk. She had an obsession with the cartoonist’s graphics. At the age of 2, she voiced South Park’s Ike. She had a good taste in music as well and started playing classical piano at the age of 2, later learned to play more instruments. Her brother Tyler, who’s a musician and actor himself, supported her in her singing career. Her voice has also been used for Monster House, Christmas House,  and a few others. Despite how hardworking and talented she is, her net worth is only 300 thousand dollars, which doesn’t match her talent


Megan Fox is an American-based actress whose rise to fame is due to her roles in action movies. She had a taste for acting, so she took acting and dance classes from the age of 5. Megan Fox, unfortunately, had a depressed childhood as her parents divorced, so her mother moved with Megan and her sister from Tennessee to Florida and remarried. In 2001, she made her acting debut in Holiday in the Sun, and her first film was “Holiday in the Sun.” Lebron James Torn is a friend of Her spouse is Brian Aistin, with whom she shares three children: Noah (2012), Bodhi (2014), and Journey (2016). The couple announced their separation after 11 years of happy marriage, but Fox decided she would soon be engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly in 2021. According to sources, her net worth is approximately $8–9 million, and according to an article available on Google, she’s considered the lesser-paid actress.


Eleonora Pons Maronese, professionally known as Lele Pons, is a YouTuber, an actress, and a singer. The glamorous person was born on June 25, 1996, so she will be 26 years old by 2022. The famous YouTuber started her career on a video platform named Vine, which is a video hosting service that allows a user to upload a six-second video. She was the first VINER to reach one billion views. She always had a passion for music, so she started it in 2018 by appearing in the Camilla Cabello song “Havana.” She has appeared in many films, television shows, and music videos. She had over 17 million subscribers on YouTube and 50 million followers on Instagram. She also has podcasts regarding her life on Spotify. Her YouTube channel is focused on challenge videos and music videos. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.


Albert Olmstead (1982–2021) was known and famous as a skilled electrician, a sound producer for films, a makeup artist, a crew member, and a cameraman. The flexible personality of Albert was his rise to fame. Being a crew member, he had done a lot of hard work, as the success of a film depends on the hard work of crew members. He has worked on different projects, including Baby Driver, The Walking Dead, and many more. He gained popularity for his work in the Netflix series COBRA KAI. This talented person has a degree in mathematics and computer science. Albert Olmstead was a married person who shared five children with his wife. According to sources, his net worth is assumed to be between $1 and 2 million USD. The exact reason of his death is not known, some say that he died a natural death, while others say that a wall collapsed on him while he was working on his basement, which became the reason of his death. A fun fact about him is that he loved to sketch cartoons in his free time.