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The Aipowered 20m Series is one of the more interesting gimbals on the market right now. There are many different options for you to choose from, including the Continual, Kumo, Lengoo, and more. But how do you decide which is best for your application?


Kumo has landed a slew of funding for their AI centric platform. The most notable notables are a $18.5 million round led by Sequoia Capital, SV Angel and a gaggle of other angels. These include several high-flying executives from LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and others. The company has plans to expand its footprint in the ad, marketing and social media spaces. It’s also planning a series of user-led workshops.

The company claims it has “more than a dozen early adopters” in the enterprise. Its flagship product is a graph machine learning-centered AI platform designed to tackle the most predictive problems facing businesses today. For starters, it’s capable of deploying a bespoke neural network to tackle the aforementioned problems. With a suite of services to match, including data prep, model management and ML features for data science teams, the company is looking to cement its reputation as the go-to software for AI prediction.

Graph machine learning isn’t for the faint of heart, but the company’s team of AI experts have made the requisite effort to deliver. Kumo will be releasing its first product to the public on October 16.


A recent spate of mega and micro cap startups are putting their mark in the sandbox. Continual is no exception. The company also announced a new round of funding. Its founders include Tristan Handy, co-founder and CTO of dbt Labs, and former VP of Product at Infinite IQ, Matt A. A. They have big plans for the new capital. Among other things, they are building the next generation of the storable enterprise that is dbt. More impressive still is that they are not yet announcing their first customers and partners. Most noteworthy is the fact that they have already doubled their recurring revenue. Their biggest challenge is figuring out how to scale their operations without alienating existing employees or partners. This is a problem that is not only unavoidable, but also fraught with potential unintended consequences.


Lengoo is an AI-powered platform for expert translation. The company’s product portfolio consists of three packages. Each is designed to help enterprises increase productivity and reduce costs. It’s an innovative tech solution that’s built on deep learning algorithms.

Lengoo’s mission is to bring together human creativity and precision technology. By automating the workflow between companies and freelance translators, Lengoo cuts translation costs by up to 50%. And thanks to its unique product offerings, the company has already secured customer contracts with major manufacturers and organizations such as Michelin and the World Wildlife Fund.

In the last year, the company has tripled its headcount and onboarded 50 enterprise customers. This growth led to a new round of funding. During the Series A round, Piton Capital led a funding round and Creathor Ventures also participated.

Now, with $20 million in total funding, Lengoo will focus on accelerating its global expansion, particularly into North America and Europe. It will also continue to develop its proprietary machine translation (MT) system.

Aipowered 20m Series

Aipowered 20m Series is a German startup that uses AI technology to develop and improve products for the manufacturing sector. Its flagship product is the 20m Series, which is an artificially intelligent robot that learns new tasks in order to complete them on its own. The company has also developed a software platform called Cortex, which provides real-time data and insights into the production process. These products are now being used by a growing number of companies around the world. This type of technology is changing the way the world makes products, and the company plans to expand its product line.

The startup is now looking to enter the automotive sector as well. The company also has a subsidiary called Lengoo, which is a provider of language services. Its other products include a web-based platform for health professionals, and a mobile app that allows users to track blood sugar levels.

Sweetch was founded in 2012 and aims to help people manage their diabetes. Through its software and app, the company uses data and technology to provide personalized recommendations and a goal setting system for people.