Here’s How You Can Track Work From Home Employees

During the global pandemic, many popular organizations shifted towards work from home. The global communication processes shifted digitally, where employees started to work and communicate with each other digitally via their gadgets instead of communicating face to face. Well, believe it or not, it became popular and many companies officially shifted to work from home

Work from home carries many advantages for employees as they can now focus on their mental wellbeing and divide time between work and home efficiently. However, the main issues which arise during work are managing and tracking their activities. How to track employees working from home Well, if you don’t know how to do it, we bring you the most efficient ways through which you can monitor employee progress efficiently.

Workplus brings you the best results as you can monitor work from home employees as if you are directly sitting in front of them. Whether you want to track their time or want to know if they are working, anything is possible when you have the right technology.

How to track employee productivity

Well, when employees are working from home, it is difficult to track their productivity since you are not sitting in front of them. Hence, when they are home, it becomes difficult to manage them.


To track employee productivity, you can do it by monitoring their attendance by checking out the time of working hours. This means you can check when they checked in and spend time working on the office requirements during the time.

Real-time Monitoring

You need a tech that monitors the real-time of employees, which shows you what your employees are doing during any time of the working hours. Good news! Workplus makes you do it all at once!

Track employee productivity

While you are managing work from home employees, you can track their productivity by measuring their outcomes compared to inputs. You can compare their productivity with their past performances and present it to employees via charts.

Furthermore, you can also track their website usage during work hours which shows how much time they have spent on doing extra activities rather than working for the company.

That is why, when you want to track your employees and make sure their participation level is up to the point, you make sure to use the best digital technology which gives you guidance and employee-related progress which makes you measure their performance. When employees are working from home, there are a lot of distractions and family commitments that often create hurdles for them to concentrate on their work. Therefore, to check on them, you can use Workpuls which makes you take control of the workplace. With this technology, you will always find how your team is working on a particular project and how long it takes them to complete one activity. Hence, if you need to perform an appraisal of your staff and reward or motivate them, your job is to first track and measure their performance. This makes you plan employee activities and if your employees are demotivated, you can plan engaging activities to make sure that they feel motivated and encouraged to perform work.