February6 , 2023

How Can You Determine The Fineness Of Your Jewelry?

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Owning an expensive piece of jewelry is a big responsibility as in addition to maintenance and care, you have to make sure that you get the right price when you sell the jewelry. Well, it might be true that specific pieces of jewelry are attached to some of the most precious memories but if the situation demands, then you have to sell it and fill your current cash void. 

But, before selling your jewelry, especially made from gold, you have to understand some of its basic aspects. It is the lack of knowledge about gold jewelry that makes people settle on a lower resale value than what they could have got according to the standards rates. 

Even if you are not in the mood of selling your gold jewelry, understanding its different aspects can come in handy. And one such aspect of your gold jewelry that we are going to discuss in this blog post is the fineness of your jewelry. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

What makes gold ideal for various applications?

Gold is always going to stay soft in its purest form. This is one of the main reasons why you can easily find gold in a wide variety of places; dental architecture, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and much more. In addition to being soft, gold is also one of the least reactive elements and it is always solid in the standard condition while still being malleable. 

All these features make gold ideal for various industries. Gold is easy to work with yet it can stay safe from dissolving, corrosion, and other risk factors. 

How much pure gold content is used?

If you are going to sell gold Orlando FL then it becomes necessary to know how much pure gold has been used as it will play an important role in the overall price you will get. But you don’t need to be a gold expert to know the purity as there is a standard used to measure the purity of gold. 

You might have seen the scale of purity in the form of 10k, 18k, or 22k and these standards make it easy to know how much pure gold has been used. With better information on the gold fineness, you can know what your gold is worth. 

Since gold is malleable, it needs to be alloyed with other materials for increasing the hardness. An alloy, in this case, is a mix of non-metals and metals for giving the expected quality to the metal.  But along with hardness, alloying also means a change in color like in the case of rose gold or white gold. 

The measurement of gold 

Gold is always measured in karats and it is basically a scale of gold fineness in the US. In layman language, it is the amount of pure gold that is alloyed in goldwork or any piece of jewelry. By using this standard measure for jewelry fineness, the jewelers are able to know the total gold content per 24 parts instantly. 

For example, 24 karats of gold mean 24 parts of pure gold and in August 2020, a single gram of pure 24k gold is worth $62.99. But since gold is soft, there is no way one can craft jewelry with 24 karats. So, if your jewelry has 18k gold then it will have 18 parts of pure gold per 24 parts. The remaining six parts might contain nickel, silver, copper, and even palladium. 

Alloys that are less malleable are mixed with gold for making the jewelry less prone to bending and scratch. In addition to this, alloys also allow the gem in your jewelry to be fixed at its place. 

The method used for testing gold fineness  

There are different methods used for testing gold fineness whether it is a gold coin, gold bullion, or gold jewelry. One of the most common and safest methods used for measuring gold fineness is an x-ray fluorescence gun. With this method, gold’s fluorescence can be easily measured. 

With this method, the material chemistry within the pieces can be easily analyzed, and thus we can know the gold fineness. When you will go to sell gold Orlando FL, there are maximum chances that the buyer is going to use this method. 

So, if you are planning to sell gold Orlando FL then it is always recommended to make sure that you are aware of your gold fineness otherwise, you can be tricked by the seller into settling for a low price. 

You don’t need to be a gold expert for selling your gold jewelry at the right price as just understanding the basics of gold including its fineness can give you an estimate of how much your gold is worth and then you can know what the release value of your gold will be.