How Can Your Business Reduce Its Carbon Footprint?

There is no getting away from the fact that one of the biggest problems currently facing the entire world is climate change. As such, governments from every country are putting together plans that are going to effectively reduce their collective climate footprints. Governments encourage organisations to do the same and, as such, you must be doing as much as possible to operate in an eco-friendly way. Not only is being more eco-friendly better for the planet, but it can benefit your business a great deal too. Consumers are a lot pickier when choosing an organisation these days and prefer to work with those who have a good carbon footprint. Not to mention, you could always save money. So, what should you do? Continue reading to find out.

Reuse and Recycle

This is a team effort and, as such, you need to ensure that you are encouraging all your employees to consider sustainability by reusing and recycling different products. There are a lot of items that can be recycled but some of the most popular come in the form of food and drink packaging, plus electrical appliances. A good way to help employees know what should be recycled is by putting up signs that let them know how they can recycle and what they can recycle. You could also hold employee training sessions that outline the best ways to be more energy efficient within the office.

Engage with Your Suppliers

Suppliers for your business will have different energy ratings, so even if your office is incredibly environmentally friendly in the way that it operates, it could be the case that you are still engaging in poor practices because of those that you work with. You should consider the suppliers you work with and only do business with those who share a similar mindset to your own. Also, consider the kind of packaging that your business uses as a lot of packaging these days wastes plastic and is bad for the environment. Consider different eco friendly packaging ideas and then choose the one which suits your organisation the best.

Think About Your Travel

Previously, organisations used to do everything face to face, whether this was meetings or quick trips to check stock and numbers. When the pandemic hit, businesses needed to adapt, and in doing so, started working from home a lot more. This proved to be quite popular for a few different reasons, but as far as the environment is concerned, one of the main benefits came from reduced travel. Despite lockdowns ending and businesses returning to the office, to cut down on your carbon footprint, your company should think about what kind of travelling you do and whether this is all entirely necessary. A lot of meetings can be done using a video communication app or over the phone, and if this is the case, save yourself time and save the planet on emissions by taking travelling out of the equation. The planet will thank you for it.