How Do Cranes Help?

Are you starting a new construction and have several lifting needs? What you need are actually cranes for sale . A crane makes your job easier by transferring heavy materials from one place to another while constructing buildings.

The overhead crane manufacturing market size in the US is $976.7 million. This is due to the multiple benefits a crane can offer various construction sites. This article will briefly tell you about the types of cranes and how cranes benefit you.

So, read on to know everything about cranes and their benefits. You’ll want to look for cranes for sale when you start your construction sites to help you lift heavy objects.

Types of Cranes

A crane includes an elevator, ropes, chains, and other parts that help lift things horizontally and lower them. There are several types of cranes available in the market for you to choose from.

Stationary Cranes

Stationary cranes or derrick cranes are like their names suggest stationary. They consist of a mast, boom, and a bull wheel. The crane works by rotating the boom on a vertical axis. Generally, these cranes run on diesel, electric, or diesel and electric fuels. A guy derrick bears loads up to 200 tons. In contrast, a stiff-leg derrick crane can bear up to 50 tons.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead Cranes do not have any floor obstruction. They are large and offer three-way mobility. Plus, you can use this in the foundry, steel plants, storage yards, and other industrial works. It works with two main components, namely the crab and bridge. This crane can bear more weight.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are placed on mobile units which are truck-mounted or crawler type. Truck-mounted cranes move faster than the crawler-types. Plus, these cranes are more compact and versatile. You get to transport heavy loads across short distances using mobile cranes.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are essentially derrick cranes with a steel tower. They are popularly used to build high-rise buildings. It consists of a carriage, slewing platform, tower with operator’s cabin, and jibs. You can use this tower for industrial work like steel plantations and more too.

Benefits of Cranes

Now you know the types of cranes available. Each crane has its unique purpose; however, cranes in general benefit a construction business. Here are the multiple benefits of cranes:


Cranes have multiple axles, bridges, hydraulic power, wheels, and more that make them a robust structure. They are beneficial in hoisting heavy items horizontally and moving them from one place to another. Because of its robust construction, it is also relatively safe so long as the operator handles it carefully.


Cranes generally do not occupy much space. In cities with construction work, this is necessary to ensure cranes don’t occupy too much space. It merely needs to do the heavy lifting and not interfere in other construction works.


Cranes are convenient in construction sites as it reduces manual labour. It saves the energy and time of people. It does the heavy lifting from one place to another and ensures labourers have time for other essential tasks on a construction site.


Overhead cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, and more help you in various types of construction — the benefits of using a crane range from lifting heavy objects to the mechanical advantage to compactness.

Using a crane ensures your work gets done timely and swiftly. So, it’s imperative you look for the best cranes for sale and invest in them. They might be expensive. However, if you’re in the construction business, investing in a crane to do your heavy lifting is necessary.

Hence, buy a crane and get your construction on track!