How Do You Become a DJ?

In the fall of 2007, German DJ Swift applied to host a Hip Hop show on a station in his hometown. He was selected for the position after being asked to interview the rapper. After receiving the gig, he quickly became a popular DJ and was able to land a job with the station. His dream came true when he won the competition and won the title. Now, the question is, how do you become a DJ?

The station was once known as KFOG and had a solid branding, especially in the Detroit market. But once Morey left, the station began to lose its credibility. Its morning drive shift consisted of Irish Greg, No Name, and Renee, followed by “10@10” on Saturday mornings. Despite its name, the station no longer plays oldies and the morning show’s introductory antics have disappeared.

After Morey’s retirement, KFOG lost its credibility. It had strong branding, but after Morey retired, it began to stutter. Several DJs began to replace him, including Irish Greg, No Name, and Renee. Then, the morning shift would be accompanied by the dreaded “10@10” show. The “10@10” team rarely played oldies, and the show no longer has the same introductory antics.

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