How Does Heart Failure Cause Other Problems?

Due to our current lifestyle, nowadays, we are dealing with a wide array of ailments and there are many ailments that have become a lifestyle disease as well. Well, the bad food habits, unchecked high blood pressure, and lethargic lifestyle, all this is taking a toll on the heart and this is why the number of heart failure is increasing every year.

Heart failure is a result of the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to the body to get the oxygen it needs. But there are rare chances of this condition being triggered alone without any other causes. There are many conditions that force the heart to stop pumping blood to the body and in many cases, the heart has to work harder than it should. 

So, let’s see what other conditions often go with heart failure.

Heart attack 

If a person is suffering from coronary artery disease then it can lead to a heart attack. In a heart attack, the blocked artery keeps the blood from reaching the heart. And if the blocked heart is left untreated then a large part of the heart starts to die. If the tissue keeps on getting damaged for a long period of time then the heart will lose all its ability to pump blood and this is what results in heart failure. 

Coronary artery disease 

This is one of the main reasons behind a long list of heart-related diseases along with heart failure. If a person is suffering from coronary artery disease then his arteries get clogged with different types of fat. 

Because of the clogging, the heart has to work harder to pump blood since it has to deal with narrowed vessels. Coronary artery disease can also result in high blood pressure and in the worst-case scenario, this can result in a heart attack. 


Arrhythmias can be a result of both heart attack and coronary artery disease. In arrhythmias, a person has to deal with an out-of-step heartbeat. The main culprit behind arrhythmias is damaged heart tissue as this is what causes problems in the electrical system of the heart. 

Because of this condition, your heart might beat too quickly or too slowly or it can keep on changing the speed at which it beats. There are many drugs used in the case of heart attack that can cause arrhythmias. 

Vascular disease

This condition simply means diffuse atherosclerosis of the heart, arteries, legs, and even carotids. People dealing with this condition are at a higher risk of a heart attack in comparison to a healthy person. 

It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and follow the recommendations made by doctors to stay healthy and avoid vascular disease as in many cases, this condition can become life-threatening as well. 


Another condition that is linked with heart failure is cardiomyopathy and it is a problem linked with the muscles of the heart. In most cases, the heart muscles become too thick or too enlarged. There are four valves present in the heart and each valve is responsible for the flow of blood. 

If any valve undergoes any kind of damage then the heart has to work harder to pump the blood and this is what decreases the ability of the heart to function properly and thus, it can result in complete heart failure. 

The heart is the engine of the entire body and even a minor issue related to the heart can lead to a catastrophe. This is why it is essential to follow an ideal diet and make sure that you are getting your heart checked at regular intervals.