How Teachers can Create their Online Courses

There are so many teachers and professors who have so much knowledge and skills and are subject-matter experts and they want to impart that knowledge to many more students than they teach in the classrooms. Yet their knowledge and experience remain trapped in their minds just because teachers are unable to find the right way to do it. But not now, today teachers can show their expertise in the subject or topic they want and help the learners from across the world. And teachers can do this by creating their online courses, but then there is this question that comes up in their minds: how to create an online course? Well, the solution to this question is online course selling platforms, these are the platforms that make it easier for any teacher, professor, educator or subject-matter expert to upload and sell their online courses in a few simple clicks. But before that, the teachers have to create an online course.

Here are some aspects that teachers need to keep in mind while creating an online course.

Choosing the Right Topic: The first and the most important thing that teachers need to keep in mind before starting to create an online course is, what topic or subject they want to teach through the course. Though teachers can choose any topic or subject they want, it’s crucial to choose only that subject that they have expertise in and can teach with confidence and flair. 

The popularity and sale of your course will also depend on the subject you choose, as the topic or subject you are choosing for the course must be in demand and provides useful information, knowledge and skills to the learners. 

Do your thorough Research: Learning never stops, even for the teachers and when it comes to creating something as important as a course for students, it’s important to dig deeper and learn. Teachers, you must do your research before creating the course outline, and test your idea by conducting online polls and forums to understand people’s opinions about the course. It’s important to research the sub-subjects of the topic you are choosing, and know the market trends about it. And most important research is done on the competitors, see the courses of other teachers and educators learn what they are offering in their courses and look more closely for the things that other teachers are not offering in their courses. Note those things and see how you can add them to your course to offer something different &  unique from them.

Create the Course Outline: Now that you have done your research and collected the necessary data, it is time to write down the idea you have for the course. Create an outline, a blueprint of the course, write the content, the number of modules you want in the course, topics to be covered, the worksheets etc. There are so many things to write in sequence, which point do you want to cover first. For example: if you are creating a course about How to Write a Resume, then the first chapter of the course should be Introduction (what resume is), then the second chapter should tell its importance and then so and so. 

Create the Course: After creating the outline of the course, teachers it’s time to execute the plan, to finally create the course. And mind you it’s not going to be that easy but with little practice and lots of patience, it can be done. The first and foremost thing you need to do is get all your tools and technology ready, you must know how to use them and if you don’t then learn. Creating courses involves many things like filming yourself and making videos, creating slideshows, assignments and worksheets plus editing everything as many times as it’s needed. All this is to make the final product flawless.

Sell the Course: Teachers now that you have created the course, it’s time to put it online. You can sell it on any website or can find the best platform to sell video courses to sell it on. And it’s up to you to decide the price of the course.


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