A knapsack is a sprayer type that is carried on the farmers back; it disperses liquid through a nozzle that is hand-held and connected to a pressurized reservoir. These sprayers can be used to apply a variety of liquids such as herbicides,fertilizers and fungicides. This article will highlight everything one needs to know about the motorised Knapsack sprayers.


The knapsack sprayer is a very versatile tool and essentially appropriate through various applications. Apart from spraying of fertilizers or herbicides, it can be used to irrigate plants. These motorised ones save you time since they arepressurised automatically. Single charge can be used for longer thus ensuring that a lot of work is covered within a very small time. There’s a huge variety of  versions available that spray differently based on the nozzles. A person can also find a variety of accessories to go with.

Features to consider when choosing a motorized Knapsack Sprayer

Choosing the best motorised knapsack sprayers among the very many types can be very confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be that confusing and tiresome as this article highlights various features one can look for to ease the decision making process.

The various features include;

Ergonomic and Lightweight

Best type of motorized sprayers is made from a mix of high-quality plastic and other materialsand is light-weight so that it can be carried easily. The motor should be small, powerful and light so as not to add the load.This way the farmer can work for longer without getting tired.

The straps should be long and made from durable synthetic materials.

The farmer should look for non-absorbent soft straps that ensure that despite the weather the famer is safe. The straps needalso to be adjustable and easy to connect so as to fit the user’s preference. Also it’s advised that the farmer should look for padded backrest and straps to ensurecomfortso that the weight of the sprayer doesn’t tire him/her when working throughout the day.

Ease of use

The motorised knapsack sprayer prices in Kenya vary depending on the varieties that are there, however when choosing an effective sprayer, one should look at the ease of use, in that the farmer can use the device without complications. The engine should also be very quick and easy to refill and start.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance should be very easy and less costly. An effective sprayer should also be easy to operate  and clean


Motorized knapsack sprayer prices in Kenya vary depending on the quality. The engine should be mounted securely and shielded to prevent physical damages. To ensure durability the sprayer tank should be made from superior quality plastic and other materials that are UV resistant. This enables the tool to last longer.


In conclusion, the features highlighted above would clearly help one pick out a sprayer that is effective for them depending on their need. For more, check

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